Mission’s annual Tambola proves to be a successful fundraiser



By Jolene Perron


What started in 2002 as a way for the Amherstburg Food and Fellowship mission to raise money for food and supplies, has turned into an incredible event packing the building each year.

“People of the community donate almost everything,” explained mission vice president Shirley Hitchcock at the recent Tambola. “All our fundraising events are very important so we can keep operating.”

The event had between 300 to 500 items to be won. Participants bought one envelope with fifty of the same numbers in it. They got a chance to look around at all of the tables set up with the prizes, and put their number in the cup to win specific items.

Hundreds of items were up for grabs at the Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Missions annual Tambola, which allows the Mission to raise money for food and supplies, and also allows participants to win gifts for their families.

“The money for the Mission is important, but the most important part is that the people who are buying all of the tickets are the ones who are using them for Christmas gifts so it’s very important to them,” explained Hitchcock.

Hitchcock said the event does good for everybody in the community because people donate goods to the mission throughout the year, and then they put them all out for their Tambola, and it allows people to come in and give back to the mission with a benefit to themselves as well.

“Amherstburg has got to be the neatest community in Canada,” said Hitchcock. “I have lived a lot of places and I’ve never been anywhere like this with people who care and look after other people like Amherstburg does. I was looking for a place to retire that was a family community and that sure is what this is.”

Tim McAllister, president of the mission’s board of directors added, “the Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission would like to thank the community and surrounding area for t heir great support and turnout at our annual Tambola. We hope all had a fun night. Again, thank you to the community.”


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