Mission walkathon raises $3,500

By Joel Charron

Despite the heat, it was a very good day for the Food and Fellowship Mission and its volunteers.

The Mission held its second annual walkathon Saturday at the S. Ralph McCurdy Track and Field Complex at Centennial Park.

A total of 35 volunteers participated in this year’s walkathon, raising roughly $3,500, which will go toward the daily operations of the mission.

Supporters of the Food and Fellowship Mission braved the heat to raise $3,500 to the organization on Saturday.

Mission president Tim McAllister said he was happy with the turnout, especially with the amount of youths that took part in the Walkathon.

“I’m very excited when I see the kids involved. Whenever kids are involved, it is important to me. They are learning about setting legacy for down the road,” said McAllister.

McAllister praised his board of directors, stating that the current board is “very active” and takes a lot of the pressure off McAllister by taking on projects, such as the walkathon.

“This board is great because they all want to be part of helping the mission,” he said. “In years past I had to be the one that had to do everything.”

McAllister said that the addition of vice president Shirley Hitchcock has been a blessing in disguise.

“I put a lot of responsibility on her and she takes a lot of responsibility off me,” he said. “I’m able to take a step back and let her be the leader in a lot of the activities. I don’t want the mission to be based on just me.”

Due to the heat, several people walked before the 11 a.m. start time. Some volunteers began walking at 6 a.m. Other swalked in the days leading up the Saturday because medical conditions and other commitments.

“As the day went on it’s just going to get hotter and hotter,” said Hitchcock.

Following the walkathon, the participates made their way back to the mission for a barbecue. Scott Shuttleworth of M&M Meats donated the food.

“It’s part of what we have  always done at the mission,” said Hitchcock.

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