Mission president captures Vigor International Award



By Ron Giofu


The president of the Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission’s board of directors has won another award.

Tim McAllister won the humanitarian award that was presented by Vigor Awards International. According to the organization, the Vigor Awards are “designed to promote generosity, volunteerism and humanitarianism around the world. Our goal is to celebrate, honour and acknowledge individuals who have made a positive impact in the world, whether by improving, encouraging or empowering other people’s lives.”

The ceremony was held Sept. 10 at the Capitol Theatre in Windsor, and included dinner and a limousine ride to the theatre and a red carpet ceremony upon arrival.

“This was the first time I rode in a limo,” said McAllister. “I was kind of blown away.”

McAllister thanked the mission’s board of directors and everyone at the mission who supports him. He also thanked the Vigor Awards International committee for selecting him for the humanitarian award. He outlined his background and how he became involved with the Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission, acknowledging his wife Violet and their four sons.

“My life was moving along fine when all of a sudden I was involved in an unfortunate car accident leaving me unable to continue my work. I was forced to retire at a very young age. I had to leave behind many parts of my life that I had grown accustomed to,” said McAllister. “This accident left me feeling very sorry for myself. I did not plan for this accident to occur and I am certain the drunk driver did not plan this either. As time progressed, I stopped looking back at what I missed from the past and started looking to the future where I renewed my relationship with God.”

McAllister started volunteering at the Scout Hall where the need for the mission was first identified. The mission was formed and he worked with founders Andy and Pat Gervais and others to have what is now their current home at 298 Victoria St. S. built.

Tim McAllister, pictured with wife Violet, captured the Vigor International Award in the humanitarian category recently. (Submitted photo)

“Our dreams became a reality when we broke ground on our new building in 2001, which is still in use today,” he said.

McAllister pointed out he has been volunteering with the mission for over 20 years, the last 16 of which having been as president. He emphasized that no one at the mission is paid.

“We are people helping people,” he said.

Vigor Awards president Queen Amina visited the mission when McAllister was nominated and McAllister said “she was amazed to see what we do here.” He noted it is more than just food, as they offer a number of programs and provide clothing and even furniture to those in need.

The awards are prestigious, he added.

“If you make an impact to your community in any part of the world, they check it out,” said McAllister. “People fly in just to get the award. The aim of this is to get other people to do the same thing. It is to get people involved and to help other people.”

McAllister still plans on continuing to help out at the mission.

“I love the community,” he said. “When you love a place, you give it your all.”

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