Miracle League kicks off spring session over weekend


By Joel Charron

The Miracle League of Amherstburg kicked off its third season, much to the delight of their players, fans and volunteers Saturday morning.

Players were eager to play ball as they arrived to the Miracle League diamond located at the UCCU Complex. The festivities got underway shortly after 10 a.m. with Miracle League founders Chuck and Ann Bondy throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.


Ann and Chuck Bondy throw out the season’s first pitch.

Bondy said he was excited to see all the volunteers come out and help such a “good, heart warming cause.”  Over 125 volunteers will be shirt Miracle League volunteer shirts this year, an increase from last year. He said people were even showing up Saturday morning, out of the blue, willing to work.

“Look at the volunteers we have coming out,” said Bondy, who also serves as the league’s chairperson. ‘We have volunteers coming out in droves, it’s truly unbelievable.”

Bondy said there are 120 Miracle League players that registered in the spring session, with 85-90 per cent of players turning from last year.  Bondy also noted that a lot of the players come from outside of Amherstburg.

“We have player from all over the county,” said Bondy.

Although there is a waiting list to register, Bondy said people are still very much encouraged to sign up in person or through www.amherstburgmiracle.com.

For many, coming to the Miracle Diamond is something that the players and parent look forward to all week.


Rachel Bubanko takes her first swing of the season in the Miracle League’s first game of the new season.

“I just had a parent call me up during the week and let me her daughter won’t sleep because she is excited to play baseball,” said Bondy.

Tally Holzel says she volunteers with the Miracle League because it gives her a “huge smile” every week.

“You can’t help but smile,” said Holzel. “Just seeing everyone else smile motivates you to come back.”

Holzel said the best part of volunteering is creating memories.

“Memories are the best thing you can have,” she said.

Bondy mentioned he has no idea what this season has in store for them as every year brings lots of joy and excitement.

“It’s going to be another great year,” said Bondy. “We’re are always trying for something new and exciting

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