Miracle League golf tournament brings in 135 golfers



By Ron Giofu


The Miracle League of Amherstburg presented its ninth annual golf tournament last Saturday and organizers are pleased with the results.

The tournament was held at Sutton Creek Golf Club with Miracle League board member and tournament organizing committee member Michele Vigneux noting that there were approximately 135 golfers.

“In our estimation, it’s really good support,” said Vigneux. “I think we only had two open teams left.”

Vigneux said the public understands that Miracle League is something worthwhile to support.

Katelyn Elder, Rachele McCandless and Diane Patterson were three of the many volunteers that helped out with the Miracle League’s golf tournament.

“I think people know it’s a good cause,” she said. “People know every cent we earn goes to the athletes and we’re really trying to do big things for the athletes.”

Golfers also know that the Miracle League tournament is a good one, Vigneux added, stating as many as seven trips were raffled off as part of last Saturday’s event.

Proceeds will go towards the new wheelchair swing, located as part of the accessible playground at the Libro Centre. That playground is situated next to the Miracle League baseball diamond.

“A big chunk of the money will go to finishing off the swing,” said Vigneux.

Other costs associated with the swing include brickwork and fencing, she said.

The Miracle League of Amherstburg is also sending four local athletes to the Miracle League all-star game in Findlay, Ohio in September, she added. A portion of the proceeds will be used to cover their costs.

The Miracle League is thankful for the corporate sponsors and donations they receive. This year’s golf tournament ambassador was Julien Miron, who plays on the Thunder team.

“I love Miracle League! It gives me the chance to play baseball!” exclaimed Julien, at the post-tournament dinner.

Julien said he sees a lot of friends and makes new ones thanks to Miracle League. His mother Louanne Miron also spoke highly of the Miracle League.

Joe Barichello, Gord Ross, Dale Kryway and Jeremy D’Alimonte were one of the foursomes in the Aug. 18 golf tournament that benefitted the Miracle League of Amherstburg.

Louanne said the players that are enrolled in the Miracle League of Amherstburg can enjoy baseball as well.

“They are differently abled,” she said. “They can do everything we can do. They can play baseball and play very well.”

Louanne added that the volunteers who put Miracle League on for eight weeks in the spring and eight weeks in the fall sacrifice their Saturdays to make it happen.

“All of these things are possible because of the people surrounding this league,” she said.

The tenth annual Miracle League golf tournament is scheduled for Aug. 17, 2019.


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