Milestones being celebrated at Ure’s Country Kitchen


By Ron Giofu


It’s a double milestone that is being celebrated at Ure’s Country Kitchen.

Ure's Country Kitchen

The Ure’s marked their 25th anniversary last Saturday, having first bought the business June 15, 1988. A celebration, featuring the Mike Ure Band with special guests Veronique O’Kane and the Bujold Brothers, will be on the back lawn of the business June 29 at 7 p.m.

Laurie said it was brought to their attention that there had been a business at that location for 100 years thanks to local historian Eleanor Warren of the Marsh Historical Collection.

In an article Warren wrote for the Marsh Collection’s newsletter, there was a building originally constructed on site in 1913 so that 26-year-old Reggie Wood could operate a grocery store.

Milton Cornwall ran a grocery store at the site from 1927-46, which makes him the second-longest person to operate a business there. The building has changed hands and been enlarged over the years as well.

Randy said they put new gas pumps in 15 years ago and they have converted the restaurant portion of the building from a coffee shop-type business to a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch.

“She’s the main cook,” Randy said of Laurie.

Other renovations have included paint jobs, kitchen upgrades, and other necessary maintenance.

The business operates everything from a restaurant to corner store where they sell, among other things, everything from ice cream to firewood.

Laurie recalled the business being owned by Marjorie and Colin Pashley when she was growing up in Malden Township.

“I came here when I was a kid playing baseball,” she said.

In addition to the June 29 concert, the Mike Ure Band will also be playing there July 27 at 7 p.m. as part of the Explore the Shore weekend.

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