Medals revealed for Run for Heroes Marathon


By Joel Charron

Participants of the Run for Heroes Marathon definitely be impressed with the “bling” that will hang around their necks when they cross the finish line.

medalsThe official medal for the ever-growing marathon has been released.

After iRun magazine named last year’s War of 1812 Bicentennial medal one of the year top 10 medals of 2012, race director Chris Uszynski hopes to follow it up with something just as spectacular, which he thinks he has.

This year’s medal will feature a tall ship in full sail in the foreground with the Union Jack and American flag in the background. The medal is to pay tribute to the Battle of Erie in 1813.

There will be four different medals handed out to the four different distances. The full 42K marathon participants will receive the gold, The half 21K marathon will get the silver, the 10K will receive bronze and the 5K will receive a medal but will be 70 per cent the size of the other three distances.

Uszynski also added they made a blue border around the 42K medal to make it stand out from the others.

“This year’s medal has a great nautical feel to it,” said Uszynski. “It really embodies what’s going on with the community. We’re surround by water and we’re celebrating the Battle of Erie. To have a medal with that logo on it is just incredible.”

Sean Hart designed the logo and then it was sent off to the manufacturer, Maxwell out of Traverse City, the same manufacturer that made last year’s medals. Uszynski said medals like this attract runners to the events.

“Lots of runners will run marathons for medals,” explained Uszynski. “You better produce world class medals if you want runners to come out.”

Uszynski also believes the Run for Heroes medal will once again be named in 2013’s top 10 medals. “I think we totally hit it out of the park,” he stated.

“That medal will definitely be in the top 10 medals of the year.”

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