McGregor business gives back to area youth organization


By Ron Giofu


When the Squirettes of Mary gave $3,500 and thus passed up their year-end trip as part of February’s “Knight to Save the Hall,” a local business decided to give back to them.

Gagnon Demolition donated $3,500 to the Squirettes so they could still go on their year-end trip, with the McGregor business making the donation to the girls’ youth organization April 22.

“That was a nice thing they did,” said Katharine Gagnon, referencing the original donation made by the Squirettes. “They were giving up their trip.”

Gagnon said she has three granddaughters enrolled in Squirettes and likely more to come. She said the family knows of the work the Squirettes do in the McGregor community and wanted to make sure they were rewarded.

“Those girls do a lot for the town,” said Gagnon. “They work hard. They deserve a trip.”

Gagnon Demolition is owned by Marc and Katharine Gagnon along with sons Joe and Jeff. Katharine said “it was a family decision” when it came time to make a donation back to the Squirettes.

“It just felt is was something we should do,” she said. “We had funds available to give to them so that’s what we did.”

Gagnon added that McGregor “is a small town. Everyone sticks together.”

The Squirettes of Mary were instrumental in co-ordinating the “Knight to Save the Hall” event which raised $20,000. That fundraising dinner is part of an overall strategy to help keep the McGregor K of C Hall open and operations.

“They decided to give up their year-end trip in lieu of saving the hall, which has such deep rooted ties to them,” noted Rose Renaud, chief counsellor with the Squirettes of Mary.

The Gagnon family in McGregor, specifically Gagnon Demolition was in attendance at this event and that is where the idea of donating back to the Squirettes was formed.

“We were caught completely off guard by this generosity and are humbled by it. We cannot thank them enough for the support they have given to the youth in our community,” stated Renaud.


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