Martial arts tournment held this past weekend

By Joel Charron
Fists and feet were flying as fast as lighting at the Amherstburg Cultural Center this past weekend.
Ki Moo Gwan Marital Arts, which works out of the Amherstburg Cultural center held a martial arts tournament, the first tournament of this type that Amherstburg has hosted.

Ki Moo Gwan Martial Arts students displayed their skill and technique in the first martial arts tournament held in Amherstburg.

“We are expanding our organization and trying to have more tournaments in more of our schools,” said Master Adam Liscio.

The tournament featured students mostly from the Amherstburg school but also had students from LaSalle, Leamington and Windsor, as well as another neighboring Martial Arts school in LaSalle.
Master Liscio said for hosting a tournament in Amherstburg for the first time, he was pleased with the turnout.
The tournament was split up in two competitions.
A pattern competition, which is based on form, technique, style and attitude.
The second competition is a non-contact sparring system, in which points are awarded to participants who make kicks and punches toward the target areas.
“We stress non-contact and sportsmanship,” said Master Liscio. “It’s all about skill and technique.’
According to Master Liscio, divisions are determined by age and belt level.
The junior levels participated in the morning sessions and the adult and black belt division in the afternoon.
Chief Master Thomas Oh, a seventh degree black belt said the students participate in martial arts tournaments roughly three times a year.
“The purpose of these tournaments is to get the children some experience with their technique,” said Chief Master Oh. “It also helps builds confidence and a sense of winning and accomplishment.”
The Amherstburg Ki Moo Gwan Martial Arts School currently has 40 students enrolled. The next tournament is planned for June 4 in Windsor.

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