Mallender sisters land NCAA D1 golf scholarship

By Joel Charron

When twin sisters, Jessica and Rebecca Mallender took up golf a few years ago they admit they did so with the mind set of hoping to snag a scholarship to a post-secondary school.

The Mallender twins did just that when they accepted a scholarship to the University of Detroit Mercy, a NCAA Division I school.

“This is the reason why we first took up golf,” said Rebecca. “

The scholarship is worth $132,000 each and will cover the twins tuition, however they have to cover room and board. The scholarship does have the potential to be more if Jessica and Rebecca reach certain performance plateaus.

Last summer the sisters signed with the College Prospects of America (CPOA) an agency, which helps student-athletes promote themselves to universities in hopes of landing a scholarship.

After not hearing from any schools about a scholarship the twins applied and were accepted in the University of Western Ontario in London.

After having already paid their deposit, Jessica and Rebecca received a call that changed their education and potentially their lives.

“We were going to play golf for Western then one night we got a call from Detroit Mercy,” said Jessica.

Shortly after that phone call, the twins visited the Detroit Mercy campus and a week later accepted the scholarship offer.

In a matter of seconds Jessica and Rebecca went from having to pay tens of thousand of dollars to play golf and receive a good education from a top notch Canadian University to

Jessica (left) and Rebecca (right) Mallender’s hope of landing golf scholarships came true when they recieved a call from Detroit Mercy University.

receiving a free education from a NCAA Division I school.

“It’s a huge load off our shoulders,” said Corinne, mother. “There was never a doubt that my daughters would go to University but now we don’t have to worry about coming up with the money for tuition.”

As an added bonus, Jessica was the recipient of the 2011 Oshiomogho Atogwe I Am Foundation Scholarship, which is awarded to senior students who are college or university bound from a Greater Essex County District School. The scholarship is worth $10,000, which according to Jessica will go toward room, board and everyday expenses.

They also received offers from Tiffin University in Ohio, North Park University in Chicago and Ohio Valley but settled on Detroit Mercy.

“We know a couple of other golfers who have gone there so we know that it is a pretty good school golf wise and academically,” said Jessica.

The Mallender twins understand the opportunity that has been given to them.

“What you get in the NCAA Division I is a lot different better experience,” said Rebecca. “We are going to be travelling and it’s a double season. We’ll be getting a lot of perks that we wouldn’t get in Canada.”

Corinne believes one of the reasons her daughters received a scholarship was because of their 90 per cent average.

“If their grades weren’t as high as they are, I don’t know if they would have got in,” she said. “Schools look for student-athletes who will complete their degree.”

What makes this feat even more impressive is that the sisters have roughly four years golf experience between them.

They credit their golf coach Matt Cole and their father, Scott for teaching them the finer points of golf.

“Our dad will send us video tips through email,” said Jessica. “We’ll watch them and try to use what we learn on the course.”

Jessica and Rebecca currently play on the Under 18 Jameson Junior Golf Tour for Essex/Kent County.

If they are not on the course they are at the driving range or putting green practicing their form.

“We are practicing six days a week,” said Rebecca.

Jessica and Rebecca expect not to make an impact right away.

“We won’t have the experience the other golfers will have so during our first year we will focus on getting to level coaching and trying to get the experience,” Rebecca said. “In second year we will competing more for playing time.”

“First and second year will be more getting used to everything and reaching the level we want to be at,” said Jessica. “Hopefully by third and forth year we will be one of the top players, playing at a high level and contributing to the team.”

Jessica and Rebecca leave for Detroit Mercy University near the end of August.

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  1. Scott Mallender says:

    Good Job Joel..Thanks for your support…See-ya in Sept…Scott

  2. Erin Swift says:

    Awesome. I bet that their friends and family are really happy for them.