Malden Central students show a little kindness

By Joel Charron

The Grade 7 and 8 students at Malden Central Public School spent the morning spreading a little kindness to the older generation.

As part of “Random Acts of Kindness Day” and the conclusion of global citizenship unit Malden senior student spent the morning at Seasons Amherstburg , Richmond Terrace and Victoria Street Manor getting to know seniors and participating in a number of activities.

“The kids are here to spread good cheer, bring some smiles to some faces and give back to the community,” said Malden Grade 7 teacher, Drew Middleton.

There were plenty of laughs and smiles at Seasons Amherstburg where students helped seniors through a mini-Olympics set up in their third floor activities room.


Doreen Hooper takes a put in the putting event during a mini-Olympics as Malden Central Public School students look on. Malden students visited senior homes in Amherstburg as part of “Random Act of Kindness Day.”

“This is a good thing for grown-ups and the younger kids to get together,” said Seasons resident Don Reaume, who just completed the bowling event. “It shows what the older generation can do for the young people and vice versa.”

Seasons Lifestyle Service Manager, Heather Vandenham said anything that involves children the residents are “overjoyed.”

“Something like this is fun,” said Vandenham. “It’s something different that they can be active and enjoy.”

Vandenham also mentioned that the children get to experience the elderly in a different light.

“They are active, they’re busy, and they like having fun. They’re not sitting around in their chair knitting and watching TV with the remote in their hand. They’re having fun,” explained Vandenham.

Grade 7 students Mackenzie Robson said she enjoys “hanging out” with the seniors and it’s fun to see how much energy they have.

“It’s fun to get to know them,” said Robson.

The 12-year-old noted that at the end of the day she feels good knowing that she helped make someone’s day a little better.

“I know that I’ve done something good for the community and I’ve created some memories with some of the seniors,” she said.

Robson also mentioned that show “random acts of kindness” should not be limited to only one day.

“The kids now-a-days could help out more and be nicer to not only seniors but everyone,” she said.

While the students and seniors were enjoy their events at Seasons Amherstburg the residents at Victoria Street manor were treated to bingo cards and a nail station was set up for the female residents. Students also helped winterize the outside of the property.

Richmond Terrace residents enjoyed table bowling and cards and students also helped clean up the outside property.

“The kids really enjoy stuff like this,” said Middleton. “It’s nice to see them having fun with the older people.”

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