Looking good at 145 years old


By Joel Charron

Amherstburg sure does know how to throw a birthday party.

Thousands flocked to the Fort Malden National Historic Site to participate in a full day of activities and fun.

The day featured singers, dancers, children entertainment and as the cherry on the sundae, a fireworks display over the Detroit River.

Canadians donned the national colours, proudly wearing red and white. To show their Canadian pride some people went as far as painting red maple leaves on the cheeks, while others were comfortable wearing the maple leaf on their shirt.

“I love everything about this great country of ours,” Paula Morrison, who was sporting a red maple leaf on one cheek and a white one on the other along with an entire outfit of Canadian swag. “I’m very proud to be Canadian but on a day like today, I want to scream it to the world.”

During opening ceremonies residents and visitors were welcomed by mayor Wayne Hurst and Essex MP Jeff Watson.

Deputy mayor Ron Sutherland and Councilors Diane Pouget, Bart DiPasquale, Carolyn Davies, John Sutton and Bob Pillon also joined Hurst.

“Not only are we celebrating the birth of our country we are also marking it with the celebration of the Bi-centennial of the War of 1812, a war in which defined this nation,” said Hurst. “This is a very important day in Amherstburg and we are proud to take part in this celebration.”

Hurst added that all Canadian should take a moment to reflect “who we are as Canadians and what we stand

Nahil Boutilier (left) enjoys the Canada Day fireworks while relaxing at a picnic table at Fort Malden National Historic Site


Hurst also stated “f there is a better place to celebrate Canada Day in Amherstburg, he “can’t find it.”

Essex MP Jeff Watson said Canada is “looking very good” on its 145th birthday.

“I don’t think I’ll every get to that age but I’d like to look that good,” joked Watson.

Watson described the day as “spectacular” and stated that the Fort Malden National Historic Site was the perfect venue for Canada Day celebrations.

Watson also added that Canadians should be mindful of the nations troops, who may not be in a conflict zone, but “it’s because of our troops we can celebrate our nation’s birthday.”

Watson mentioned that although every Canada Day is important to everyone, this region might show more patriotism because of its ties to the War of 1812.

“This Canada Day is probably a little more special to the people in Amherstburg,” he said.

Watson believes patriotism is at an all-time high, as people “feel good to be Canadian.”

“We are one of the finest nations on earth,” proclaimed Watson. “People take notice of our country, it’s a good time to be Canadian.”

At approximately 10 pm all attention to turn towards the river as the fireworks exploded overhead for a 20-minute display.

As the fireworks ended and people packed up to head home, Morrison looked at her eight-year-old daughter Melissa and said,

“What a great ending to a wonderful day for an amazing country.”

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