Locally bred Clydesdale wins top honors at Royal Winter Fair in Toronto



Wismer ClydesdaleBy Ron Giofu


A locally-bred Clydesdale has won top honours at the prestigious Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

The two-year-old stallion won both the grand champion and supreme champion awards at the Royal Winter Fair earlier this month. The horse, known as Cedar Lane Royal, was born and raised at the Wismer farm on County Road 18 by owners Jerry and Ron Wismer.

“We raised him right here on our farm,” said Jerry.

Cedar Lane Royal has been shown a lot, he added, including as a foal, a yearling and a two-year-old. The Wismers are thrilled to have another champion, noting Royal comes from strong lineage including his award-winning grandfather that is also on the farm.

Ron said in speaking with one of the judges at the Royal Winter Fair, he was told it’s great to win a championship but to do so with a horse that was homebred, it is “incredible.”

Instead of buying horses, they breed them right on the farm, said Jerry.

“We created this horse by creating the mother and the father and bringing them together,” said Ron. “He went on to be judged the best of the breed. To actually produce a champion and have an effect on the breed is pretty awesome. As a breeder, the goal is to produce a champion, not buy them.”

The Wismers say they own this horse and bred him themselves.

“It’s all us that brought him here today,” said Ron.

Not only is Cedar Lane Royal’s grandfather Phoenix a champion, but also he has ties to one of the more famous Clydesdale farms around. Phoenix, a 15-year-old horse, just returned to Amherstburg last Monday from Missouri where he spent 13 months breeding on the Budweiser farm.

The Wismers are getting noticed, said Ron, as he spoke to a Scottish judge at a recent show who said he could see the horse was a Wismer horse due to the style of it. To be recognized by the horse is an honour in and of itself, Ron stated.

They have also shipped frozen semen to New Zealand where foals were just born from Amherstburg raised horses while the Wismers have also shipped Clydesdales to Scotland, the same country where the breed originated.

Cedar Lane Royal can still be shown in shows but Ron said “he’ll probably go into a breeding program somewhere.” Ron said he’d like to sell the horse into a breeding program but to also “breed back to him” as a way to keep his genetics advancing.

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