Local youth take part in VIP demonstration day



By Ron Giofu


A number of Amherstburg schools headed to Windsor as part of “VIP Demonstration Day.”

The event, held recently at the Tilston Armouries, saw five of six Amherstburg schools attend. Grade 6 students, who are taking the Values Influences and Peers (VIP) program, to see Windsor police’s K9 unit, explosives demolition, emergency services tactical units, the outdoor firearms range, the vehicles police officers use and also got to watch as officers repelled from a tower on site.

Students from Anderdon Public School were one of those schools that participated in the VIP demonstration days.

“It gives kids the extra exposure to police and what the capabilities of the police are,” said Const. Steve Owen, community services officer with the Amherstburg Police Service.

Owen said Windsor was kind enough to open their doors to Amherstburg students and the local schools took advantage.

Windsor Police Const. Adam Young said it was the fifth annual event and said when such units are brought to the schools, they could show very little of their capabilities. At the Tilston Armouries, students can see their full abilities.

“It also allows us to engage with students at a personal level,” he said. “We’re here to serve them.”

All of the schools that took part in a recent VIP demonstration day at the Tilston Armouries gather for a group photo.

With the Windsor Police Service possibly serving in Amherstburg, pending approval by the Ontario Civilian Policing Commission (OCPC), Young said they wanted to include Amherstburg students this year as well. He said that exposes Amherstburg students to find out more about what Windsor police is capable of and to get to know more police officers so that it is a “seamless” transition.

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