Local youth looking to make a difference

By Joel Charron

After talking Brady Thrasher, 24, for five minutes you can tell this is a man who is going places.

At age 21, while most young adults are out partying and having fun, Thrasher created the “Affected Campaign,” which was a collaboration of everything he stood for, charity, networking, business and style. This business plan was pushed by his passion and finds himself in a position to want to educate and network with all people.

“Affected is whatever you want it to be,” said Thrasher. “The person wearing the T-shirt is the face of the movement. They can give to whatever charity they want. Every shirt has a different story.”

Affected T-shirt are not only seen in this area but also in the United States and all over Canada.

Thrasher’s desire to make the world a better place derived from his father Pat, a local business owner, politician, and chairman of the MS Society Windsor Chapter who suffered from MS himself. Pat was forced to work from home due to his disability and spent many hours networking with strangers across the globe, inspiring and educating them to overcome and deal with their disability.

In 2001, Thrasher lost his father to cancer. Instead of closing himself off to the world, Thrasher turned a negative situation into something positive.

Thrasher was a key organizer of the General Amherst cancer walk that saw the school raise over $76,000.

Thrasher, who currently works with his uncle Ken at Thrashers Sales and Leasing as a marketing coordinator, has been busy over the last few years building his reputation and

At age 24, Brady Thrasher has accomplished more than what some people have in a lifetime.

making contacts.

Thrasher has been seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show homepage for becoming dancer of the week, he was crowned at the taping of the Ellen Show in Hollywood wearing his “Affected” shirt.

In 2008, he was named “Amherstburg’s Youth Citizen of the Year” for 2007.  In Sept 2009, Affected was featured on TVO’s Canadian series “Get Involved.” In the fall of 2009 Thrasher went before the “dragons” for the Canadian hit TV series “Dragon’s Den” to find investors for the “Affected Campaign.” Unfortunately he was turned down.

“They were all interested in the cause but because it was a non-profit organization it was hard for them to see the benefit for them to benefit,” said Thrasher.

The denial by the “Dragons” has not curtailed his optimism. His Facebook statuses are often inspirational quotes or phrases that may his friends through a rough day.

Thrasher has even dabbled in the music industry, making contacts with Def jam records and BET as well as befriending up and coming hip hop artist Sean “Big Sean” Anderson, who recently was signed under Kanye West’s music label.

To do date Thrasher’s Blackberry has over 300 contacts on his messenger, something that Thrasher has worked very hard to gather. However, getting the contacts is easy, it’s maintaining them it the tricky part.

“You have to be persistent because it’s easy for people to forget about you,” said Thrasher. “As crazy as it sound, there is an art form to keeping contacts.”

Thrasher’s Facebook page is littered with celebrities such as reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson, rapper Drake and MMA superstars Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, James “The Hammer” McSweeney and Mark Homonick.

In the meantime, Thrasher completed his real estate test and recently was notified he passed. Although the 24-year-old has made major contacts for himself he said he plans on staying in Amherstburg.

“Amherstburg is my home,” he said. “There is plenty of good I want to do and plan on doing here.”

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