Local teens to play in Ontario Summer Games

By Joel Charron

While several Canadian athletes battle for gold in the upcoming London summer Olympics, a pair of Amherstburg teens will be going for their own gold medal in the Ontario Summer Games.

Matt Bondy and Ryan Wismer were both selected for the U15 team out of the Sun Parlour region that will take part in the Ontario Summer Games on August 15-19 after taking out London in two straight games to qualify for the games.

Bondy, who plays out of Riverside and Wismer, who plays out of Amherstburg made the club nearly one month ago after a series of tryouts in Woodslee.

According to Wismer, the three-day tryout began with 50 players and after daily cuts saw the roster dwindled down to 30,20, and then 16.

Bondy is a pitcher and plays third base while Wismer is an outfielder.

Matt Bondy (left) and Ryan Wismer of Amherstburg made the U15 baseball team that will represent the Sun Parlour region in the Ontario Summer Games.

“I didn’t know how I would do,” said Wismer. “I was hoping to make the team but I didn’t know the competition.”

Heading into the tryouts, Bondy said he was nervous but felt he had a good chance of earning a roster spot.

“I knew I had a good chance of making the team but I was really nervous,” said Bondy.

Upon learning that he made the team, Wismer said he was a little surprised.

“After seeing everyone that went out, I was a little surprise I got a roster spot but I definitely worked for it,” said Wismer.

“I felt really good about myself when I made it,” said Bondy. “I look forward to playing with all the guys.”

The Sun Parlour region has won the tournament three years in a row and according to the pair, Sun Parlour has a good chance of making it four years in a row.

“We have a very good team,” said Bondy. “We are going to have a pretty good shot at winning it all.”

The roster is spread out throughout Windsor/Essex County, Bondy said the team hopes to fit in six practices before the start of the Ontario Summer Games, however it will depend on the availability of the players and coaches.

‘Our coaches can’t promise how much we will practice because of our other team’s schedule,” said Wismer.

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