Local teen places fourth in snare drum competition



By Jolene Perron


Since beginning his drum career just six years ago, a local 16-year-old teenager has worked his way up within the drum corps community.

Andrew Busch plays snare drum for The Diplomats drum corps. In the beginning of August, the corps travelled to Indianapolis for their annual competition. During this competition, he explained each individual participant has the opportunity to sign up for an solo competition where they compete on their own aside from their corps. Busch went down early to sign up and compete against 14 other snare drum players and placed fourth overall.

Local Amherstburg snare drum player Andrew Busch placed fourth overall in a drum corps competition in Indianapolis earlier this month.

“I think it’s an extreme honor,” said Busch. “I’ve done this competition in 2015 and 2016, and I’ve gotten lower placements, 11th and 12th. To get fourth this year, it’s a really good honor and I couldn’t be more grateful or proud of myself. It feels really good and I’m really proud.”

Busch said his dad is a drummer, and he always went downstairs to “mess around on the drums.” He explained, while he didn’t know anything about the drums then, he credits The Diplomats for assisting him in achieving this accomplishment.

“Andrew has been with the Corps since it was formed in 2012,” explained founder of The Diplomats, Director of the Corps and the Drum Instructor Bob Thwaites. “He has always had great hands and a ‘I can do anything attitude.’ From day one he has been a highly talented individual who has tremendous family support. Andrew lost to the best of the best from World Class organizations, those top three kids have world class instructors and pay thousands of dollars to belong to their corps. Andrew placed fourth this year, I don’t want to put any pressure on him but I know he will do even better next year. Also, next year we will have one or two more of our drummers taking part in individual competition and I also hope a couple of our brass players take the challenge. The Diplomats have a very talented group of local kids. Not only did Andrew place fourth, The Diplomats won Gold and Best in Class.”


Busch explained his plan is to use this placement as leverage to move up into a large corps, which he explained is very hard to do because they are so talented. He aspires to belong to the Santa Clara Vanguard corps in California. This placement will help to get his name out into the drumming community.

“We’re absolutely thrilled,” explained Busch’s mother, Janice. “I knew he was comparable to some of the elite world-class snare drum players, but it’s nice to see that confirmed by the judges. He has been working very hard and every year he goes up in his ranking and it take a lot of discipline from him in practicing to get to that level and it’s his passion, it’s so nice to see it rewarded with a result like this. We’re just so very proud of him. It takes a lot of courage to stand up there in a world-class competition and perform, and this year he did it and he didn’t even seem nervous, it was fantastic to watch. To see your son work towards something and achieve it is just wonderful.”

Anyone who is interested in getting involved with the corps, Thwaites said The Diplomats is free for any student to join. Instruction, instrument, uniform and travel are all included.

For more information, call 519-915-4116 or visit www.thediplomatscorps.com.

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