Local student and her cattle accumulate accomplishments



By Ron Giofu


A ten-year passion for cattle raising and showing is paying off for a local teenager.

Jackie Wismer, 18, has been accumulating accomplishments in cattle showing competitions and it has become a potential career path for her as well.

“I travel all over Ontario,” said Wismer, currently a student at General Amherst High School. “I’ve shown in Ontario, Alberta and will be going to Manitoba for a junior show.”

Eighteen-year-old Jackie Wismer shows some of the awards she has achieved over the past year or so.

Eighteen-year-old Jackie Wismer shows some of the awards she has achieved over the past year or so.

Wismer started when she was eight-years-old and showed exclusively at the Comber Fair and the Harrow Fair for the first two years. When she was ten-years-old, Wismer joined the 4-H Beef Club, which allows youth to take a young calf and learn how to raise it, feed it and get it ready for either market or for breeding.

Showing her cattle takes more than just bringing the cattle out on competition dates, with Wismer noting many hours are devoted to working with the cattle.

“On average, I will spend three to four hours per day during the school year in the barn working with the show cattle and feeding the other cattle in the barn,” she said.

That expands to five or six hours during the summer, she added.

When a show nears, preparation includes daily washes, treating and combing out their hair to grow it out as much as possible for the show ring and clipping the hair to accentuate the cattle’s good points.

Between March and November, Wismer said she takes part in 12 shows. Those include smaller shows as well as larger ones, including the London Expo, the Youth Forum in Markham and the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

Wismer competes in the intermediate division and among the awards she has compiled over the past year includes being the Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman at both the London Expo and the Youth Forum and was the overall Grand Champion Showman at the Harrow Fair and the Rodney Fair. Wismer was also the Junior Limousin Overall Grand Champion Showman at the Royal Winter Fair.

Jackie Wismer shows one of the heifers that has netted her several awards.

Jackie Wismer shows one of the heifers that has netted her several awards.

In the Confirmation competition, which is judged 75 per cent by her heifer and 25 per cent by her ability to show the heifer, she captured the award for Grand Champion Limousin heifer at the Youth Forum in Markham, the Reserve Champion heifer at the Harrow Fair and the Supreme Champion Female at the Junior Limousin show at the Royal Winter Fair. “It feels good,” she said, of her awards.

“She’s gotten better and better and better,” added her mother Betsy. “This has really been her year. This is a lot of hard work.”

Wismer has also held positions on the Canadian National Limousin Board, the Ontario board and has held executive positions in the 4-H Beef Club. She is also the 2017 Ontario Limousin Queen.

“I’m the ambassador to the Ontario Limousin Association,” she said.

While at home, she juggles her priorities between school, work, sports and her work on the farm. She said being around the cattle is relaxing for her and she enjoys working with the heifers and their various personalities.

“”I just love being around the cattle,” she said. “I just really enjoy it. It’s really therapeutic.”

Wismer said this is what she wants to do with her life and she plans on pursuing her post-secondary education at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta and will further study agri-business and livestock production.

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