Local soccer school forms important partnership

Soares Soccer School to take on Sporting FC brand 

By Joel Charron

Windsor/Essex County soccer players are going to have a chance to showcase their skills on a larger scale thanks to Joe Soares.

Soares, owner and director of Soares Soccer School is partnering with Sporting FC Toronto. The partnership began roughly six-months ago when Soares met Sporting FC Toronto youth technical director and from  there the two haven’t looked back.

Soares Soccer School will now take over the Sporting FC brand and will now be know as Sporting FC Windsor.

” It is an honor for me to have had the opportunity to meet Pedro. We have developed such an amazing relationship together and words cannot explain what this means to me and the students of my academy,” said Soares in a press release. “I have been given the ability to work alongside such a wonderful coach and a program that is reputable in youth development. It has developed some of the sport’s finest ever to play the game. It’s great to see that my efforts have been noticed at this level.”


Pedro Dias of Sporting FC Toronto and Joe Soares of Soares Soccer School meet at the Vollmer Complex in LaSalle Saturday, October 1.

Sporting FC Windsor and Sporting FC Toronto will be hosting a tournament in Toronto later this year, which Soares states will be a “friendly event” for both programs to continue their relationship together.

Soares said the friendly tournament is a collaboration of Sporting FC Toronto and Windsor. Other soccer clubs will not be allowed to enter.

‘It will only strictly be clubs from his (Dias) academy and my program,” said Soares. “I just want to give my kids some exposure to tournament competition.”

Both Soares and Dias will be traveling to Lisbon, Portugal in March 2012 to take part in a March Break event in the European home-based facilities. Soares will select three players that will be traveling to the Sporting Club de Portugal’s Academy.

“We will spend a week training with the rest of the academy players from both Toronto and Lisbon based programs. This is the site of the best youth coaches of Sporting and Portugal, where they will be present,” he said. “This will be a dream come true for the three children that are selected to be able to have this opportunity where two of the world’s best players have come from. This opportunity will be given to students of Sporting FC Windsor and new competitive programs.”

Soares said taking on the Sporting FC brand would only benefit youths in the area because Sporting FC is known for having the best developing program for youths.

“This is going to be very exciting for the kids involved,” said Soares. “In order for kids to improve on a grand scale, they have to be in that type of environment. We now have the programs to provide those kids who want to bring it to the next level.”

Soares mentioned although he is changing his brand to Sporting FC, he will always accept kids of all  skill level into his academy.

“We will always take kids from everywhere,” said Soares. “But if kids want to take it to the next level this is where they will be able to do it.”

However Soares noted if a child is enrolled with Sporting FC Windsor competitive programs, they are not permitted to play for another club.

“Recreational programs have always been a part of the academy and I will continue to offer these programs since this is where young children develop their love for the game and enthusiasm to play,” said Soares. “This is where the science of motor skills are so important to have children involved in so that they can develop fully and thus increasing the ability to improve on the skills required to play the game. At the end though, I just want children and youth players to benefit from what they are supposed to receive from soccer – fitness, enjoyment, but most importantly, proper growth and development for every day living.”

Soares Soccer School, now Sporting FC Windsor offers programs out of the United Communities Credit Union Complex as well as the Vollmer Complex in LaSalle and the Windsor Ice Park.


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