Local singers perform at Miss Universe Canada finals



By Ron Giofu


A pair of local singers and songwriters performed their own number at the Miss Universe Canada finals.

Martene Clayton and Kerri Brown, who describe themselves as “lifelong best friends,”  have written and recorded the song “Crown” and that has been picked up by Miss Universe Canada as their official theme song for the 2018 finals. The Amherstburg duo state they have shared “a common passion for singing and performing since childhood.”

They have already written and produced their own music but only recently did they co-write and record “Crown.”

The singers state that they wrote the song “to be a powerful anthem for women of all ages.” Two weeks before the official launch of the song, Miss Universe Canada picked up Clayton and Brown’s song as their official theme song for the 2018 Finals. The pair will be performed the song live at the Miss Universe Canada finals, which was held last Saturday night at the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto.

Kerri Brown (left) and Martene Clayton were in Toronto performing “Crown,” the song they co-wrote for the Miss Universe Canada finals. The event was held at the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto last Saturday. (Special to the RTT)

The song was released last Friday and is available on iTunes.

During the writing process of this song, Clayton and Brown state that the goal was simple;they want to reach and empower women. The lyrics are truth spoken from the heart, they state.

“Often times women dream big, and don’t get the chance to fulfill those dreams,” they said in a statement. “In a society where there is so much competition, these two are reminding us that if we support each other, we will all succeed.”

This dynamic duo say that they bring soul, passion, power, emotion, laughter, and friendship to the table, on this anthem for women around the world.
“We hope to use this song to encourage women and girls everywhere to unapologetically own the qualities that make them shine – to wear their ‘crown’ proudly. Our message in this song is one that is sincerely close to our hearts. We truly wrote this song in the hopes that the amazing women in our lives will listen to it and feel inspired to free themselves of the social and emotional barriers that hold them back. We’ve got one shot at the life we want- so #wearthecrowngirl.”


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