Local schools take stand against bullying

By Jolene Perron

General Amherst took a stand against bullying during last week.

The idea to start a Anti-bullying week is the brainchild of General Amherst student council representative Michael West.

“I wanted to make a difference in the school,” said West. “We want to start a chain reaction for the generations coming through here (General Amherst.)”

The students dressed up in different colours each day to support the anti-bullying cause.

Tuesday, the students wore blue to stand up against cyber bullying. Wednesday, the students wore purple. Thursday, students wore different colours for each grade to “get the students out of their cliques and meet new people.”

General Amherst students wore a different colour of shirt for each day of the week. The colour was to represent different types of bullying.

In addition, the students received a number in first period. Someone else in a different grade received the same number. Students were encouraged to venture out of their usual friends and find this new person.

“I feel it’s like a week where you stand up for the little guy,” said Student council vice-president, Meaghan Marton.

Friday, students wore Pink to stand up against all bullying. They were also asked to wear a sticker, pledging their stand against bullying.

Also, student council made bristol boards of statistics about bullying. Specific members of student council were positioned around the cafeteria during lunch with the bristol board, shouting out, “I stand up against bullying”.

“I wanted to see who would stand up with us,” said Katie Deluca, student council president.

Anderdon Public School students showed their support by dressing in pink

General Amherst vice-prinicpal John Procter has been at the school for three years now. Procter came into the school with many intentions to get the school in great shape, which included a checklist of priorities to be done, one of which being to stop bullying.

“The idea was originally begun by two students in another province but it’s something that’s so important that their message spread,” said Procter. “The reason we support it, is the positive message it sends, where students stand as one to say that they believe this is wrong.”

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