Local schools fight cancer while celebrating Canadian legend


By Joel Charron

A pair of local elementary schools paid homage to a Canadian legend while raising money for cancer research.

St. Joseph School and St. Bernard’s held their annual Terry Fox Run recently and it was met with high enthusiasm from the student body.

St. Joseph principal Doris Baggio high fives passing students during their Terry Fox run.

St. Joseph School held their run with the entire school doing laps of the playground and nearby park. Grade 8 teacher and event organizer Angela Knapp said the senior students were going to try to do a 5K run.

Knapp noted the school used to hold a Terry Fox Run roughly four or five years ago but was replaced with a can drive. St. Joes still held a can drive with proceeds going to the Downtown Mission in Windsor.

Knapp rebooted the Run after a similar run was held in LaSalle Sept 16.

“I ran and some of my kids ran on the 16th. I thought we’d try and do it here,” said Knapp.

Knapp said the students also participated in a “Toonies for Terry” drive.

“I’m really proud of them,” said principal Doris Baggio.

“I think most kids know someone who has had cancer,” said Knapp.

Knapp also added a teacher in the school is also recovery from cancer.

“This is what we do as Catholics,” said Baggio. “We give back and we try to do our best.”

St. Bernard’s Grade 6 student Jordan Sokolik carries the Canadian flag as he leads a group of students around the track at Centennial Park.

St Joseph’s raised $1,000.

St. Bernard’s School held their Terry Fox run at Centennial Park.

Vice-principal John Mazloumian organized the event and noted while they have been fundraising for several weeks, it was the awareness aspect he has been trying to push with the students.

Mazloumian said several students had no clue who Terry Fox was and the strides he made in the fight against cancer.

“A lot of kids didn’t know who Terry Fox was so we wanted to let them know what a Canadian hero a was,” said Mazloumian.

Mazloumian said Fox was a hero to him while growing up and wanted to pass that along to the students.

“So far we’ve raised over $200, with money still coming in,” he said.

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