Local school abuzz thanks to branching out into beekeeping



By Ron Giofu


A local elementary school is abuzz with excitement thanks to a new project.

St. Peter’s ACHS College School, the private school for boys located in Malden Centre, have teamed with Amherst Supply and are bringing bees to the school. Students were busy building two hives last Friday and headmaster/principal Peter Thyrring said they plan on putting them on their 6.5-acre property.

In addition to it being part of their science lessons, Thyrring said the students will also learn about entrepreneurship as they hope to sell some of the honey they collect.

“It’s definitely a new venture for us,” said Thyrring.

Students from St. Peter’s ACHS College School stand with Kevin Meloche from Amherst Supply as they build beehives. The students hope to help revitalize the bee population and sell the honey that they harvest.

Thyrring said he wants the students to learn how to work with bees, something he learned when he was a youth. He said if handled correctly, there is only a small risk of getting stung.

“It’s cool. (The students) take ownership of it,” he said. “They know about different types of bees. This is an ongoing project all year round.”

Teaming with Amherst Supply is a “win-win,” said Thyrring, with the local business helping to donate supplies and labour.

Thyrring said he has discovered at least 12 people in Amherstburg are keeping bees. St. Peter’s ACHS College School hopes to have two harvests of honey this year.

“I think it’s cool we get to take care of bees and take the honey,” stated student Michael Sabbadin.

Greg Sabbadin holds up honeycombs at St. Peter’s ACHS College School. The private Catholic boys school is building beehives and hope to have two harvests of honey this year.

Kevin Meloche from Amherst Supply said he has been involved with beekeeping for about one year. He said he enjoys spreading the word about it and likes getting out into local schools.

“I love getting out there,” he said. “We need to get more bees out in the world.”

People can contact him at Amherst Supply if they are interested in beekeeping. The phone number is 519-713-9318. They are located at 111 St. Arnaud St. in Amherstburg.

For more information about St. Peter’s ACHS College School, visit www.achscanada.com, call 519-736-2014 or 1-888-832-8121 or e-mail achscanada@gmail.com.

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