Local residents promoting Canada through new hats



By Ron Giofu


Kurt Reffle recognizes that Canada is already a great country and has created some new baseball caps to promote that fact.

The Amherstburg resident, with the help of his girlfriend Brenda Scott, has created baseball caps with the saying “Canada – Already Great, Eh!” on them and a Canadian flag under the bill.

“I just came up with the idea obviously from the MAGA hats,” said Reffle, in reference to the “Make American Great Again” hats that have been worn by U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters.

“(Brenda) convinced me she knew enough people who would buy the hats. Her friend embroiders them,” he added.

They began creating the hats about two months ago and are on their sixth order. Their first order of 50 hats sold out in two hours, said Reffle.

“We re-ordered right away and sold out in another couple of hours,” said Reffle. “Every time I sell out, I order more.”

Kurt Reffle and Brenda Scott have been making “Canada - Already Great, Eh!” caps in response to the MAGA hats that are in the United States. They are available locally at Downtown Espresso and The Barber Shop for $10.

Currently, the Barber Shop and Downtown Espresso sell the hats. Reffle said word-of-mouth has spread the news about the hats as well as those who have seen one and then want one. Much of their profits have been donated to charity with examples including $150 to Belle Vue, $150 to the Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission and $200 to the Downtown Mission in Windsor.

As they have also been helped by Norm Mickle and Mealtime Express, they will be donating money now through Christmas to their “Secret Santa” campaign.

“Long before Trump came along, I thought we lived in a great country,” he said.

Reffle, who has Asperger’s syndrome, said he has been able to have a good quality of life and believes Americans also have a good quality of life overall.

“When (Trump) came out with those hats over there, I thought it was an insult to the American people,” said Reffle. “They have it better than most other countries in the world.”

Reffle and Scott are assisted by Diana Giorgi at Dimensional Embroidery. They add that they have little difficulty selling the hats when people learn that proceeds are going to charity.

“It’s a hobby for us,” said Scott. “We have a wonderful community. People are loving and caring.”

They even mailed one of the hats to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and received a thank you letter in return.

“It’s been a fun little project that we’ve been doing,” said Reffle.

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