Local realtor aiming to tell region “you’ll love it” in Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


An idea that began at the recent “Mayor’s Breakfast” has turned into something a local realtor and small business owner would like to see go viral in support of the town.

Norm Mickle was one of the real estate agents who attended the breakfast earlier this year and said the thought of promoting the town came up during a brainstorming session. “Amherstburg, You’ll Love it Here” was the slogan he has been promoting since then.

You'll love it here copy

“I piped up (at the Mayor’s Breakfast) and said our problem in this town is the negative media,” said Mickle.

Mickle said that town council is still relatively new and is tied down with day-to-day business and believes that small business owners should do their part to help promote the town and to “start to tell everyone we have a great place to live.”

The town has a “rich history” and a lot of shops, businesses, services and amenities that residents and visitors alike can enjoy, he stated.

“It’s the safest town in the whole country,” said Mickle. “This town has everything you would want. We have it all here. We’ve got a lot going going for us.”

The “Amherstburg, You’ll Love it Here” initiative is an easy, cool way for businesses and residents to get involved, he said, and Mickle further believes it will help local businesses “survive and thrive.” In addition to his real estate office, his wife Janet owns Mealtime Express and he is looking to help those businesses and every other one by promoting a positive message about Amherstburg.

“Can one guy make a difference? I don’t know if I can but I want to make a difference,” said Mickle. “All I’m trying to do is help my businesses and hope at the end of the day it will help everyone. If we all do it, it will put a smile on everyone’s face.”

Mickle reported that everyone he has come in contact with regarding the “Amherstburg, You’ll Love it Here” initiative has come on board. He believed constant positive messaging will drown out any lingering negativity in the community.

Anne Rota, manager of tourism with the town of Amherstburg, said a similar slogan has been used “for a number of years” but credits Mickle for trying to promote it further.

“I think, as residents and people who live and work here, we love Amherstburg,” said Rota. “We know that for sure. It’s time to get that message out as best we can.”

Rota said the Canadian dollar is favourable right now in terms of attracting U.S. visitors and said the town has a lot of things to be proud of.

“We have so many wonderful attractions and businesses,” said Rota. “I think it’s time we bring a positive message every time we market Amherstburg.”

Rota believed the timing was right for such an initiative, as the visitor season is fast approaching. She believed the slogan is something that can bring everyone together.

“We’d like to make an amazing campaign with this slogan and see where that takes us,” said Rota.

Calling the logo a “funky, edgy design,” Rota said it should appeal to a wide demographic. It is something she said the tourism department plans to use in print and social media materials.

Residents know about how good Amherstburg is to live in, she added, “so why not tell the rest of the world?”

Monica Bunde, general manager of the Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce, said the ACOC will place the logo on the billboard in Malden Centre and attach it to their e-mails.

“I think we need to get more positive messages out there,” said Bunde. “The more times people see that, they will believe it. It’s a great slogan.”

Bunde noted the speech recently given at the ACOC’s Business Excellence Awards by former Windsor mayor Eddie Francis, which noted that Amherstburg is part of a market that has 5.7 million people.

“We need to bring those people to our town,” said Bunde. “Once people come here, they’ll love it!”

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