Local produce is key to live cooking demonstration



By Christian Bouchard


A live cooking demonstration was held at Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery this past weekend.

Chef Billy Deslippe of Smashed Apple Trade Company performed a live, interactive cooking show for nearly 100 people. The award-winning chef created a four-course meal as he shared tips and tricks that can easily be used in anyone’s kitchen.

In addition to the food, guests were also treated to several varieties of wine offered at Sprucewood.

Chef Bill Deslippe of Smashed Apple Trade Co. cooks for a live audience at Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery.

“The purpose behind (Smashed Apple Trade Company) is because a lot of people would ask Chef Bill for tips and tricks they can use in their own home,” said Patricia Acosta, the marketing director for Smashed Apple Trade Company. “They don’t need a chef’s kitchen or major cooking skills.”

According to Acosta, the demo is focussed on local food.

“Every (piece of) produce Chef Bill has today comes from the local area,” said Acosta. “We have such great produce and that’s one of Chef Bill’s secrets. Farm to table is the best.”

Acosta said the live cooking demonstrations are something new to Smashed Apple and also to Windsor-Essex, but they have received an overwhelming wave of support.

“Amherstburg is so supportive,” added Acosta. If we didn’t have this kind of support, we wouldn’t have ventured onto something like this. Everyone is so Amherstburg proud. When they see us do new things for the area they show their support by coming out.

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