Local photographer shows appreciation to clients


By Joel Charron

Local photographer Stephanie Kidd wanted to show her clients how much she appreciated their business.

Kidd, owner of Stephanie Lynn Photography, invited her clients and their families to her beachfront house for a client appreciation beach bash.

“Most of the time when the kid come, they are in their best clothes and they are not allowed to play in the sand and it’s usually a struggle to get them to go home,” joked Kidd.

Kidd had a number of activities set up for the over 25 children that arrived for the beach bash. Children searched for “booty” at the “Buccaneers buried treasure” station or they could get out of the sun at the “Beachside Slumber Party.” She also had a sand castle building contest and a little splash pad to cool off.


A group of children work together building sand castles at one of the many fun stations set up at Stephanie Kidd’s home.

Kidd also provided a room of assorted, colourful, sugary treats, as well as and slushie machine to the delight of children.

Kidd also enlisted the help of Jennifer O’Hara and Kristyn Pearce of Painless Parties to help with the decorations.

“This was a good way to show my appreciation to my clients,” she said.

Kidd, who took up photography as a hobby roughly two years ago, discovered she had an eye for taking pictures.

Kidd quickly started up her business, transforming her dinner room into a studio.

Stephanie Lynn Photography shoots everything from newborns, infants and toddlers to family portrait and weddings.

“I’ll shoot just about anything,” she laughed.

Kidd said business is going “very well” with four clients booked every weekend until August.

“The business has kind of exploded and it’s all thanks to my clients,” said Kidd.

Check out Stephanie Lynn Photography’s web site www.slpphotos.blogspot.com and find Stephanie Lynn Photography on facebook.

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