Local high school creates River Lights display


GAHS River LightsBy Ron Giofu


One of the new River Lights displays is shaped like a Bulldog and that is by design.

The Grade 12 welding class at General Amherst High School has created the new display and designed it in the shape of a Bulldog to represent the school.

“We knew River Lights is going on. It’s something we thought would be a nice idea for the kids,” said teacher Jason Lepain.

Lepain said it was a community-minded project “given we are the local high school.”

The project took roughly three weeks to complete. A group of five students did much of the work on the Bulldog, including Mackenzie James, Chris Bezaire, Cole Shepley, Jacob Jahn and Jesse Ouellette.

“We had a very artistic student sketch it for us,” said Lepain.

From there, it was a matter of bending, cutting and grinding the metal into position. Lepain said Dave Varney, who has created the bulk of the River Lights displays, was a great help in finalizing the display including attaching the lighting to it.

“We definitely learned quite a bit,” said Lepain. “(Varney) gave us the whole lighting process.”

River Lights administrator Karen Gyorgy said the River Lights committee is very appreciative of the work of the General Amherst students.

“We, the River Lights committee, appreciate partnering with these young people. They are our future,” said Gyorgy. “It’s so great. We are absolutely thrilled to partner with them.”

Gyorgy added she “thinks it’s great they are taking an interest and being part of the community.”

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