Local girl trick-or-treats for the needy

Sandra Salvador and Food and Fellowship Mission board member John Drop sort through the three totes of canned goods Salvador gathered while trick-or-treating.

By Joel Charron

While children were trick or treating for candy and goodies on Halloween, 10-year-old Sandra Salvador was trick or treating for canned goods to donate to the needy.

“I know that some people don’t have all the stuff that I have so I decided to help people who need it more,” said Salvador.

A week before Halloween, Salvador and her parents, Lenka and Jorge, distributed flyers through out their Kingsbridge North neighborhood notifying people what the Grade 5 Stella Maris student was planning.

“This was all her idea,” said Jorge. “She came to us and said that she couldn’t eat the candy because of her braces so she wanted to do something good this Halloween. I think it was a great idea.”

Jorge said to see his daughter take the initiative to give back to the community is “truly inspiring.”

When Halloween came around, Salvador dressed in the devil costume, went from house to house collecting cans.

Lenka said people in the neighbor kept their outdoor lights on waiting for Salvador to come and pick up cans.


“People were waiting for us,” said Lenka. “Some houses had a box of food waiting for her.”

Jorge said at one point they had to make a pit stop at home to unload their bounty before collecting more cans.

“The generosity was overwhelming,” said Jorge.

Salvador said her goal was to collect 50 cans, she ended up collecting over 200 items and donated them to the Food and Fellowship Mission this past Saturday morning.

“This is quite impressive as this was all done by one little girl,” said Mission board member John Drop. “I’m so proud of Sandra for helping us in such a wonderful way. This world needs more people like this little girl.”

“I am very proud of her,” said Lenka. “I’m also very proud of our neighborhood for the support they showed my daughter.”

Salvador said she felt “really good” donating the over 200 cans to the Mission.

“I feel like I did something really good,” said Salvador.   “I think the Mission would be really happy about this and pretty sure they are. I just have a really good feeling, it’s hard to describe.”

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