Local girl hopes to earn spot on Canada’s Got Talent


By Joel Charron

Brielle Laframboise has talent and she wants all of Canada to know it.

The 17-year-old General Amherst student is on a mission to be a contestant on the Canadian talent show “Canada’s Got Talent.”

Laframboise started singing when she was nine-year-old and competed in competitions around town.

“I’ve sung at the Western Fair and I’ve won both Verdi Idols that we’ve had,” said Laframboise.

It was her passion for singing that led her to start vocal lesions with local singer Kari Brown.

This past summer, Laframboise heard that Canada’s Got Talent was holding auditions.

The 17-year-old sent in an audition tape and was given an audition date which was held in September.


Brielle Laframboise sings to the crowd at Caldwell’s Grant Saturday evening. Laframboise is hoping to earn a spot on Canada’s Got Talent.

Laframboise travelled up to Toronto for the audition and although  she had an audition time, she said she had to wait six hours.

“It was a long, nervous wait,” joked Laframboise.

Once it was her time, the young singer was put in a room with five other show hopefuls, where they each were able to sing 90 second of a song.

“We sang in front of a producer and the judges watched the performance on TV after,” Laframboise explained.

Laframboise said she was notified in October that she didn’t make the cut, however her dreams of performing on Canada’s Got Talent was not dead.

“I found out about the ‘last chance audition’,” said Laframboise.

Laframboise said she had to choose a song from a list provided by the show and produced a two-minute video of her singing the song and post it on YouTube

Laframboise sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys.

In the first weekend that Laframboise posted her video it had received 5,000 hits.

“I can’t believe how many views I have in such a short time,” she said. “It’s amazing that everyone is getting behind me and showing support. I am humble dby this whole thing.”

The contest closed on Jan. 15

Laframboise said she would be notified whether or not she was in the top 20.

“If I’m in the top 20  then people get to vote on who is the best,” she said. “If I get the most votes, then I’ll be on the show.”

Laframboise said the experience has been nerve racking but also very fun.

“I’ve been very nervous but it’s been a lot of fun as well,” she said. “I love to sing and I hope I get to do it for a living.”

Laframboise’s YouTube video helped land her first singing gig as the owner of Caldwell’s Grant hired her to sing at the local establishment this past weekend.

Laframboise said making it to Canada’s Got Talent is a “one in a million shot” and doesn’t expect to make it on the show.

“I don’t expect to make it because there are so many people that have tried out for it,” she said. “But that won’t stop me from following my dreams. I love to sing, it’s my passion.”

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