Local food banks recipient of generous donation


By Joel Charron

The shelves at the three local food banks are looking a little more full these days.

The Food and Fellowship Mission, the St. Society of St. Vincent de Paul and the Amherstburg Food Bank all recently received a hearty food donation from Policella Farms in Kingsville.

Policella Farms donated 50 boxes of mini cucumbers and 50 boxes of beefsteak tomatoes.

“I got a phone call at 9 this morning from Policella Farms telling me that they had pallets of tomatoes and mini cucumbers that they wanted to give to our local food banks,” said House of Shalom activities director Holly Kirk-McLean.

Policella Farm contacted the House of Shalom because of their involvement with the House of Shalom’s community garden.

“They knew our food banks needed fresh produce,” said Kirk-McLean. ‘They have really stepped up and given a tremendous boost.”


Volunteers from the House of Shalom and the local food banks divide up 50 boxes of tomatoes and 50 boxes of cucumbers.

The pallets of produce wwere brought to Wesley United Church where volunteers from the House of Shalom helped divide it amongst the three local food banks.

Kirk-McLean said it was a whirlwind of action the minute she received the phone call. She immediately jumped on the phone to notify the food banks and organized the food pick up at Wesley United Church in just a few hours.

“It was rather crazy at first but once we got our people here and started organizing,

things just kind of fell into place,” she said.

Kirk-McLean noted that Policella Farm will continued to provided fresh produce through the summer as long as they can coordinate between the local food banks.

“As long as the food banks can come pick it up, they are more than happy to support the residents in Amherstburg,” said Kirk-McLean.

President of the St Vincent de Paul, St Jean the Baptist Conference Denise Bondy said she was very surprised to receive a phone call about the donation.

“This was total unexpected,” she said.

Within an hour of receiving the phone from Kirk-McLean, Bondy said she had a small team really to help at Wesley United Church.

Bondy said the cucumbers and tomatoes will be a pleasant surprise for those who receive groceries from St. Vincent de Paul.

In May, Bondy said they brought groceries to 58 homes and 73 homes in April.

“We always have a store room full of canned good but fresh produce is something that we look forward to getting,” Bondy said. “We are very, very happy that the people who have surplus are always so generous to our organization.”

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