Local filmmaker sets the stage


By Joel Charron

There may have been no red carpet premiere but 17-year-old local filmmaker Nick Rodgers was excited never the less.

This past Saturday, Rodgers a student at École secondaire E.J. Lajeunesse released his latest film “Snuff” on You Tube. The release was supposed to take place on Friday evening, however due to technical problems he was to forced reschedule for Saturday.

Rodgers, who has been making movies with his friends ever since he was in Grade 6 said he got “real serious” about making films roughly year ago.

“I’ve always loved going to the theaters and watching movies,” said Rodgers. “I’m all about the cinematic experience. That’s what I’m really trying to do is to create an enjoyable experience for anyone that views my films.”

Although “Snuff” is the longest film Rodgers has attempted to make at 20 minutes in length, it’s not the first time he has released a film onto You Tube. Rodgers has also released other films such as “Fright”, “Deception” and “Wounds”, all roughly 12 minutes long.

The 17-year-old filmmaker said production of “Snuff” began in November with postproduction beginning in late December and carrying into the new year.

Rodgers said the postproduction of “Snuff” took a lot longer than usual because it was “effect heavy.”

“This is the first film where I used visual effects like explosions and gun fire,” he said. “It took about a month to finish all the effects.”

Rodgers does everything from writing, directing and editing and has transformed an upstairs room in his parents Bathurst Street home into a studio/editing suite.

Local filmmaker NIck Rodgers may only be 17-years-old but that’s not stopping him from chasing after his dream. Rodgers released his latest film “Snuff” onto You Tube on Saturday.

Local filmmaker NIck Rodgers may only be 17-years-old but that’s not stopping him from chasing after his dream. Rodgers released his latest film “Snuff” onto You Tube on Saturday.

“I spend a lot of late nights up here,” joked Rodgers.

“Snuff” tells the story of a young man who is trying to start a new life but is bound by his financial situation. In an effort to better his situation the young man begins to sell drugs and becomes entangled with the mob and is forced to make some life changing decisions.

Rodgers said he came up with the idea when he and friend Dallas Hefferman, were throwing around ideas.

“We write down all our ideas and picked up one of the pages we had from a couple of years ago and we thought this would be the perfect time to do this film,” he said.

Hefferman is also the lead actor in most of Rodger’s films.

To help promote his movies, Rodgers took a marketing class at École secondaire E.J. Lajeunesse.

“I wanted to find out a little bit about the marketing aspect of filmmaking,” he explained. “We ended up having to do a marketing project and it turned out being an great opportunity to use my film.”

Rodgers said he plans to make filmmaking into a career however his path is yet to be determined. Rodgers said he has looked into attending the Toronto Film School and Sheridan College as institutions of study but hasn’t decided on anything as of yet.

Rodgers also mentioned he plans to continue making short films and said once he “feels ready” he plans to enter film festivals.

Rodgers admits he doesn’t really enjoy watching the final product as much as he does making the film.

“I hate watching myself on screen’ joked Rodgers. “I usually watch it once or twice when it’s released but by that time I’m already thinking about the next project.”

To view “Snuff” please visit http://youtu.be/1QNrOe7gAHg

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