Local eight-year-old getting chance to skate prior to Maple Leafs’ game



By Ron Giofu


It all started when his mom Tracey entered him into a contest through Scotiabank and will conclude at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Eight-year-old Brody Buchanan will hit the ice at the Air Canada Centre just prior to the Toronto Maple Leafs’ home game with the Calgary Flames thanks to him being selected through the Scotiabank Skaters program. His mom had entered him into the contest without telling him.

“I will be skating in the opening of the Toronto Maple Leafs game,” Brody said, and he will be carrying one of the flags. “She entered me in a contest.”

The family found out Feb. 16 that Brody had been selected. It took Brody completely by surprise.

“I jumped,” he said of his reaction.

Brody Buchanan will get to skate with a flag at the Air Canada Centre prior to the March 21 Toronto Maple Leafs game.

Brody Buchanan will get to skate with a flag at the Air Canada Centre prior to the March 21 Toronto Maple Leafs game.

While happy to be heading to Toronto, Brody said he is also a little nervous. However, he is thrilled to be skating on the same ice as his favourite team and took a few playful shots at another NHL team that is popular locally.

“If I was skating at the opening of a Red Wings game, I’d skate into the boards three times, maybe more,” said Brody. “I don’t like them.”

The family will also receive tickets to the game. They will head up that afternoon starting around lunchtime and come back to Amherstburg immediately after the game.

“It’ll be a late ride home,” said Tracey.

The eight-year-old will have a lot of friends a little bit envious of him when he heads to the NHL game.

“Most of them are jealous,” he said.

“Even a lot of dad’s friends are jealous,” joked father Jason.

To make sure Brody is ready for his big assignment, the family rented the ice at the Libro Centre for an hour this Thursday so he can practice skating with a flag. Jason joked that his son is normally not used to carrying something that high as his coach routinely reminded his players to keep their sticks on the ice.

Brody played his first season of hockey this year in the Amherstburg Minor Hockey Association’s novice division. He said he is looking forward to representing Amherstburg.

“It’s an experience of a lifetime for him,” said Tracey.

“He’ll probably look back on it in a few years more than he does now,” added Jason.

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