Local dental office excited by move to new location

By Jonathan Martin


A local dentists’ office has moved to a new location

Dr. Storey & Dr. Denomme Family Dental Centre is now situated at 79 Richmond St.

“We started off in a very small office about four and a half years ago,” said the doctors through e-mail correspondence.  “We had a five-year plan in which we would eventually look for our own facility.”

The staff at Dr. Storey and Dr. Denomme Family Denistry includes Kaleigh Mackenzie, Debbie Scott, Melissa Gascoyne, Jessica D’Amore, Katie Belanger. Front row: Dr. Chad Denomme and Dr. Stefano Storey. (Photo by Brooke Windibank)

They said around four years into their business plan, they started to realize their old space was “stunting further growth,” so they began looking for a new location.

They said they found what they were looking for while walking down Richmond St.

They followed up with the vacancy, inspected the space and drew up some preliminary layouts.  They said that they quickly realized the Richmond location would be able to accommodate five operatory clinics in the main floor space.  The 1,200-square foot, 14-foot ceilinged second floor is still available for commercial lease.

Now that they’ve moved in, the doctors said they plan to update the façade of the building.

“We intend to keep all of the characteristics of the building intact,” they said.  “It is obvious that some restoration, particularly the face of the building, is required.”

Dr. Stefano Storey and Dr. Chad Denomme are pleased to be in their new office at 79 Richmond St. (Photo by Brooke Windibank)

They said they need to be careful about how they do it, though.  The old redbrick building, with its characteristic colonial style, is a familiar sight to anyone who frequents the downtown core.  A sudden or drastic change would be sure to get noted and, Storey and Denomme are afraid, be considered distasteful.

“One thing (we realized) after purchasing the building was that because it was very old people were paying close attention to what we were going to do and how we were going to do it,” they said.  “The building, being about 130-years-old, has drawn a lot of attention through the renovation phase, which is certainly not bad for business.”

The dentists have also noticed that the foot traffic created by the other businesses in the area has “afforded (them) some excellent exposure.”

The new location of Dr. Storey and Dr. Denomme Family Denistry is the building located at 79 Richmond St. (Photo by Brooke Windibank)

They said their client base has grown substantially over the past few years, in large part due to the referrals they’ve received.  In response, they’ve grown their staff by three, introducing Debbie Scott as a receptionist and hygiene coordinator, Jessica D’Amore as an assistant and Kaleigh Mackenzie as a dental hygienist.

“As a team, we look at where we started with no patients in probably the smallest dental office in Ontario,” they joked.  “Gone are the days where you could hang a shingle and have more patients than you needed to survive. I think this move and continued support has symbolized that we have made it.”

They said there’s no telling what the future will hold, but whatever it is, they’re excited about it.

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