Local dancers raise money with hot chocolate for W.E. Care for Kids



By Jolene Perron


Catz Meow dancers Ava Argoselo, her sister Lily and her friend Hailey Gwyther came together to set up a table outside their dance studio to sell hot chocolate for a cause.

“Ava always asked, ‘mom can I make bracelets and sell them?’ because she sees other kids doing stuff like that,” explained Argoselo’s mother, Maria.

Maria explained, it’s very time consuming to do something like making and selling bracelets. When she heard in the summer about W.E. Care for Kids doing the lemonade brigade, she was excited to learn that because of that success, W.E. Care for Kids is carrying on with doing a hot chocolate brigade. Maria thought holding the event at their dance studio, The Catz Meow would give them a small target audience and it wouldn’t be too overwhelming for her.

Maria went down to the hospital and picked up the starter kit, and then all they had to do was come up with a plan to execute their fundraiser – and decide what toppings they would include.

Megan Regnier, Lily Argoselo, Ava Argoselo and Hailey Gwyther (left to right) stand in front of their hot chocolate stand outside of The Catz Meow dance studio, waiting for visitors to buy their hot chocolate and choose from a wide selection of toppings. (Submitted photo)

“We took dry packets and taped a candy cane to it for people to take home as well,” said Maria. “She has always wanted to do something to give back and this was an ideal opportunity where part of the work was already done for us and tips that were provided to us. It was a good first round in organizing something for her to do.”

Argoselo, her sister and a few friends would periodically go around to the front of the Catz Meow Dance Studio building to wave their sign about selling hot chocolate for W.E. Care for Kids at the road. They even had three cars pull in specifically from seeing their sign.

“I think the day went really good, we had quite a few customers and we raised a total of $71 which we hope will help a lot of kids,” said Argoselo. “It was really fun having some friends there and it’s for a good cause. I might just do it again.”


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