Local dancer hits it big, now featured in series aired on FX


Photo Credit:  Nicholas Seguin

Photo Credit: Nicholas Seguin

By Ron Giofu


A local dancer has been hitting the big and small screens and is enjoying every part of the experience.

Rochelle Labrecque, 27, has been in four movies with more releases to come and is also in the television show “The Strain,” which airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on FX. She now lives in Toronto with her husband Alex Black, whom she met in a travelling Broadway show and has filmed.

“I was invited to an audition for The Strain, through my agency.  I then got a callback, and after a bit of a waiting game found out I was booked,” she said. “I was really excited about getting this job.  It’s a TV series on FX, so I was beyond thrilled!  I would say this is one of my bigger breaks.”

Labrecque is represented by the daCosta Talent agency in Toronto. She said she has been involved with dancing and acting the bulk of her life.

“Dancers are always required to act.  We portray stories with our bodies, which I believe to be more challenging than using words.  So I have been acting my entire life!” said Labrecque. “I did my first movie when I was 16 – ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’ -a Disney movie, starring Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox. I love acting and being on set. It’s an amazing experience.”

Her father Bob said his daughter and son-in-law “have been fabulously busy” since they got married and Labrecque said that is a trend she would like to see continue.

“I hope I continue to be blessed with work.  I would love to continue filming, but there are so many other avenues of what I do as well,” she said.

Labrecque has filmed “Bang Bang Baby” and that will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. She is also featured on the promotional poster for the movie. She is also in the film “The Best Christmas Party Ever” as a ballerina, with that children’s movie due out in 2015.

Bob noted that Rochelle has been in productions with Alan Thicke, Serena Ryder and Queen Latifah and has also been involved with other tours and productions including an eight-city Elvis tour.

Labrecque said she hopes to her success proves to motivate other people to pursue their dreams.

“If anything, I hope to inspire people to do whatever it is that they love,” she said. “Life is amazing when you love what you do.  I rarely feel like I am working!  Its definitely not easy, but absolutely worth it!”

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