Local country band records first single in Nashville


575499_465568516841967_358334115_n_16x9_620x350By Ron Giofu


A local country band has returned from Nashville where they recorded their first single.

The Mike Ure Band is eager to have the new single released to their fans Dec. 20.

“We took our first single to Nashville a couple of weeks ago,” explained Ure. “It’s called ‘Shake this Town.’ It will be released Dec. 20.”

Ure wrote the song with Alex Seguin, the band’s bass player. Seguin got in touch with producer Dean Miller in Nashville and Miller believed “Shake this Town” was good enough to produce and record.

“We got in touch with him through YouTube. We sent him a message and the rest is history,” said Ure.

The band – which also consists of Aidan Johnson-Bujold and Dean Mailloux – went to Nashville for five days with two of those days being in the studio. The band is anxious to see what their fans think of the new song.

Johnson-Bujold admitted that, as a relatively new band, there are also some anxious moments as they wait for the song’s release.

“This is the first impression of you. You have to make it a good one,” he said. “I think (the listeners) will enjoy it.”

The idea for the song began one night when Seguin was watching television. He jotted down a chorus, showed it to Ure in the succeeding days and the two spent about one month writing the song.

Miller chose “Shake this Town” out of two songs he was sent, with Ure noting Miller stating there were “a lot of directions to go with it.” He said it was great to hear “especially hearing it from a producer in Nashville.”

The band e-mailed and had Skype sessions with Miller to work on the song before the band made the journey to Nashville.

The song will be released on iTunes, YouTube and as many other social media platforms as they can reach. They will also provide information on it on their Facebook page entitled “The Mike Ure Band.”

“It was unbelievably crazy,” Ure said of the trip to Nashville. “It was an unreal experience all around.”

As for future songs, Johnson-Bujold said they are taking things one step at a time. With the band members all being university students, there are constraints around time and money to make additional trips to Nashville but if the first single goes well, more trips are planned.

“We’re going to see how things go,” said Johnson-Bujold. “We’re going to take it slow.”

“Once we put this one out and make some money off the song, we’ll take it back to Nashville for the next one,” said Ure.

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