Local company pitches to council on print to braille services


By Ron Giofu

A couple with a print-to-braille service company has inquired about the town’s chances about engaging their services.

Emmanuel and Rebecca Blaevoet of Tactile Vision Graphics appeared before town council regarding their company, stating their mission is that everyone have equal access to information, including people with vision impairments. They have done work for municipalities and museums, the couple told council.

“How many of you, when thinking of accessibility, think of braille?” Rebecca asked council.

Rebecca added that “as the population ages, more and more people will have vision impairments.” She told council they can produce such items as office signs and agendas and other items as well that a municipality may need. She added that there are some people that may not be known to have vision impairments because they have stopped asking for services due to a limited number of places having them.


Councillor Rick Fryer, the council appointee to the town’s accessibility committee, said the Blaevoets came to the committee and it was at the suggestion of the committee that they address town council.

“The committee wanted it to come back to council,” said Blaevoet.

Fryer suggested that the town consider it on a trial basis to see if there is anyone in the community that would use the service.

“This council is always looking to do something different than anyone else,” said Fryer.

The delegation was received by town council and administration was directed to come back with a report on the feasibility of using such a service.

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