Local coaches to push athletes that ‘extra mile’

By Joel Charron

A pair of Amherstburg hockey coaches are looking to help the regions minor hockey players go the extra mile.

Amherstburg Midget Major Stars coaches Matt Fox and Wes Ewer have put together an elite hockey camp aimed at preparing young athletes for the next step in their hockey career.

The Extra Mile (TEM) Hockey Academy is designed for hockey players ages 14-19 and will included players from junior, AAA and the travel level, all with the same goal of bettering their skills.

The camp is a combination of on and off ice conditioning and practice.

Matt Fox

‘This camp is very important for development,” said Fox. “It’s a different challenge for these kids. It will get them thinking about different aspects of the game like, nutrition, off ice training, as well as putting the time on the ice.”

The eight week camp begins on June 4 and is broken down into three sessions a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.)

To start the week, skating and skill development will take centre stage. Another key focus will be on some of the finer aspects of the game such as puck control, stick handling, and body/puck position.

Tuesday will focus on off-ice training. The off-ice session will be comprised of two major concepts: maximum effort and learning for the future off-season development. This program will include two guest speakers, two sport specific professional athletic training classes proven Junior level training routines, weight program for lifting/conditioning for the off-season and an out of the box approach to better the athlete’s conditioning, ability and mental capacity for toughness. University of Windsor running back Mitchell Dender and personal trainer Wayne Chambers will assist in the off-ice training.

Thursday will feature high intensity game simulation. This aspect of the program will be a very high level of scrimmage with two officials with all hockey rules and stoppages.

“We wanted to offer something different. We wanted to teach kids that in order

Wes Ewer

to get what you want you have to work hard for it,” said Ewer. “A lot of kids say they want to play in the NHL, well what are you willing to do to get there.”

Fox and Ewer noted that those who attend the camp should come ready to work.

“This is not going to be an easy camp,” said Ewer. “These kids are going to work extremely hard for eight weeks but at the end of it they will be better mentally and physically.”

Fox added that a camp like this helps build on the progress that a player has made over the season.

“Too many times you have kids put in a lot of hard work over eight months but then they spend four months doing something else and they take two steps back,” said Fox. “We’re trying to keep kids at the same level where they finished the season, then progress them to the next level”

Fox and Ewer urge those who wish to attend TEM Hockey Academy to register as soon as possible as only 30 sports are available.

TEM Hockey Academy offers two packages, an “advantage package” for $375 (plus tax) and a basic package for $325 (plus tax.)

To register or for more information please go to their website www.temha.ca.

“We want to move kids forward and help them play at the next level,” said Fox.

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