Local author turns column into new book



Pat Warren has converted many of his former River Town Times columns into a new book.

Pat Warren has converted many of his former River Town Times columns into a new book.

By Ron Giofu


What started as a newspaper column has morphed into a new book.

Pat Warren, who wrote “My Town by Patrick” in the River Town Times from 1995-2012, has converted many of those columns into a new book entitled “The Pea Shooter Hit Squad and other tales of growing up in Amherstburg.”

With the encouragement of wife Eleanor, Warren compiled 45 stories in the newly released 150-page self-published book.

“A whole lot of stories in here were in the River Town Times,” explained Warren. “They’ve all been cleaned up with regards to the dates and stuff like that.”

Warren, who moved to Amherstburg at age two with his family from Cornwall in the 1930s, said the stories are from his childhood in Amherstburg ranging from when he was two to when he was 14-years-old.

“This book is the foibles and the things I got into,” he said. “I hope it’s a fun read. That’s what I hope.”

Warren said there is nothing too personal in the book but it is a collection of his stories recalling tales from “old Amherstburg” and what things were like in his day.

“It’s what any kid would have experienced and most of us did,” said Warren.

While he spent 17 years writing his column for the River Town Times, the book, he added, evolved over a three-year period.

“Each version of the book kept changing,” he said.

“The Pea Shooter Hit Squad” won’t be the only book Warren writes as he has plans for more books. A book featuring stories told to him by other local people was intended to be his first book but will likely be his second.

“This isn’t the book I started out to write,” said Warren, of “The Pea Shooter Hit Squad.”

Warren credited his wife for not only wanting him to write a book but to have the first one be autobiographical in nature.

“Eleanor, being a family tree gal, thought it should be about myself growing up in Amherstburg,” said Warren.

The book is being sold for $20 apiece and is available at the Marsh Historical Collection, located upstairs at 235 Dalhousie St. They are open Tuesday-Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

“People have come back for seconds,” said Warren. “They must like it.”

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