Local Author trying hand at eBooks

By Joel Charron

Bob Dylan once said, “Times are a changing.”

No one is taking advantage of the changing times more than local author and Page 233 Bookstore co-owner John Schlarbaum.

During recent book signings, a number of fans of Schlarbaum’s character, Steve Cassidy, asked the author if his book was available on eBook.

The questions starting turning the wheels in Schlarbaum’s head and after the Christmas holiday he started looking into transferring “Barry Jones’ Cold Dinner” into an eBook inflatable air dancer.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile,” said Schlarbaum. “The eBook craze has really taken over a lot of the book publishing industry, as far as sales.”

After having been asked several times if his book "Barry Jones' Cold Dinner" is available in eBook, local author John Schlarbaum has decided to give it a shot

A few months ago Amazon.com had more book sold as eBooks than the hard copy.

“If you’re an author, it’s just another format to get your work out there,” he said.

Schlarbaum said the process has been “fairly easy.”

The company helping Schlarbaum is this process is Ebookit.

Schlarbaum sent the final copy of “Barry Jones’ Cold Dinner,” which is then converted into an “e” formatting document.

Schlarbaum then must go through each line page to ensure the conversion is correct.

“Once that is done, Ebookit will convert that file into eight different eBook applications,” he said.

“Barry Jones’ Cold Dinner” will be available on Ebookit.com in early to mid-March and will cost $9.99.

Schlarbaum mentioned he wants to see how well received “Barry Jones’ Cold Dinner” is on eBook before he decided to Steve Cassidy’s second mystery adventure “When Angels Fail to Fly” on eBook.

“It’s been a very easy process,” he said. “I’m looking forward to getting the book out there in a different format.”

Schlarbaum said eBook could really help book sales for authors but will never take over actually publishing of hard copies.

“Publishers will always print books,” he said. “It’s just another way to get our work to the public.”

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