Local artist/author celebrates new book with Mudpuppy Gallery exhibit

Julie Robinson


By Ron Giofu


Local artist and author Julie Robinson is coming out with her new children’s book “Project Monster’s Alphabet Adventure” and is having an exhibit at the Mudpuppy Gallery to celebrate.

The book, which comes out shortly, saw her create 26 characters to help in the Project Monster journey. Her friend, elementary school teacher Nathalie Roy, helped write the story while Robinson took care of the illustrations. Her boyfriend Jason Santarossa assisted with layout and graphic design work for the book.

With the book due out shortly, she created paintings of all 26 characters for the exhibit with the characters relating to each letter of the alphabet. The exhibit, which runs through June 23, also gives a preview of her next project.

Robinson said she wants people of all ages to enjoy the exhibit and would like it to bring “smiles to people’s faces.” She said she is not stopping with this one book.

“This isn’t a one-time thing,” said Robinson. “This is just the beginning for me in Amherstburg.”

Project Monster is something she spent several years developing and she turned it into book form.

“The characters definitely have personalities that everyone can identify with,” she told the River Town Times’ Joel Charron in March. “It doesn’t matter what age you are, they are always going to make you smile.

Celebrating the launch of “Project Monster’s Alphabet Adventure” also means she successfully completed a fundraising campaign to get it printed. Using the website “Indiegodo,” she attempted to raise $5,000 and ended up shattering that mark by reaching $6,025.

“It was a huge success,” said Robinson.

As part of the celebrations and exhibit, Robinson said a book signing is planned for June 22 at the Mudpuppy Gallery.


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