Local artist to release children’s book


By Joel Charron


Julie Robinson’s dream of launching a children’s book based on a character she created is almost a reality.

Robinson, 31, is just months away from the release of her first children’s book entitled Project Monster’s Alphabet Adventure.

“The finishing touches are being put on it right now but I’m really excited for it to hit the press,” said Robinson.

Robinson’s inspiration for Project Monster came eight years ago when she was living in Tofino, British Columbia.

When moving into an apartment in the not-so-nice part of Tofino Robinson stumbled upon an old Toblerone box someone left behind.

“I picked up the box and told everyone that it looked like a monster,” she explained.

The budding artist ran to her room to grab her paints and proceeded to create a red, prism shaped monster and affectionately named it “Project Monster.”

Over the years Robinson used her creation in a number of her art pieces.


Local artist Julie Robinson displays a few characters featured in Project Monsters Alphabet Adventure

Local artist Julie Robinson displays a few characters featured in
Project Monsters Alphabet Adventure

“I guess you can say that Project Monster has become a mascot for everything I do,” she said.

As time moved forward, several people close to Robinson told her she should develop a children’s story evolved around her Project Monster.

“People were really urging me to put him in a book form and finally I agreed,” she said.

While Robinson did the illustrations for the book, she recruited grade school teacher and close friend Nathalie Roy to write the story.

“I’ve been trying to find the right people to do it and Natalie stepped up,” said Robinson. “She’s perfect for the job because she’s a teacher.”

Robinson’s boyfriend, Jason Santarossa also lent a hand by taking on the graphic design and layout.

Project Monster’s Alphabet Adventure focuses on the furry red monster learning his ABC’s.

“Project Monster gets advised by his sidekick “Spirit Bear” to learn his ABC’s,” said Robinson.     “He can’t think of a good way to remember all the letters, so Spirit Bear suggest that they go on an adventure to find a friend for each letter and take their picture to help him to remember. “

Robinson created 26 different characters to assist Project Monster on his journey.

Although the book is for children Robinson said the book will bring the big kid out in everyone.Project Monster Book V2 copy-web

“The characters definitely have personalities that everyone can identify with,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what age you are, they are always going to make you smile.

Robinson, who admits she is a big kid herself said one of the reasons she wanted to do this book was to help children be comfortable with who they are.

“I really like the idea of bringing everything together and creating a magical world around these uplifting characters. I want to help build confidence in children,” she said.

A self proclaimed “big kid’ Robinson said she hopes to build an entire series around Project Monster and the other characters.

“I’m keeping it simple at first and started with the ABC’s,” she said. “The next book will be about the 123’s. But this is the kick off, this is the first of many books to come from Project Monster.”

To pre-order a copy of Project Monster’s Alphabet Adventure please visit http://igg.me/at/projectmonster.

To learn more about Project Monster check out the Facebook page http://Facebook.com/juliesstudio or the website http://projectmonster.ca

Robinson will also be running Facebook giveaways to all who “share” and “like” the posts.

Once a week she will be drawing a name for a limited edition print.

This week, the winner gets a limited edition Owelie print.

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