Local artist gets involved with “Beads of Courage” charitable organization



By Ron Giofu


A local woman is the “artist of the month” for July for a charitable organization helping people, many of who are children, who have serious illnesses.

Morgan Deschaine was selected by “Beads of Courage” after applying online. The beads, which are often used to comfort children with illnesses, were shipped recently though Deschaine pointed out the 100 small pink pigs she created will be sold by the organization as a way to fundraise.

The lampwork artist said she is involved with the Beads of Courage organization that is based out of Arizona. She said that chapter assists over 150 sites and the beads help those with cancer and blood disorders, cardiac conditions, burn injuries, those with chronic illness, adult oncology patients and those in NICU.

“Every year, they have a different theme,” said Deschaine. “This year, it’s animals. I applied to be the artist of the month for July. I submitted my pigs and they loved them.”

Amherstburg resident Morgan Deschaine was selected as Beads of Courage’s “artist of the month” for July. She shows the pigs she created so that the agency can sell them as a fundraiser.

Deschaine said she has been a lampwork artist for the last eight years.

“I call it a smaller scale of glass blowing,” she said. “We make beads on a torch.”

The Amherstburg resident says she got hooked when she went on a trip with her family and saw a demonstration of lampwork art. She took one lesson but is primarily self-taught.

“Now I teach it,” she said.

Deschaine said she originally came across Beads of Courage through Facebook. She added there aren’t a lot of beads of pigs and she enjoys making them, noting they take about 12-15 minutes per pig to make.

She has been making the pigs for Beads of Courage since the beginning of May, stating she does it on the side as she has a full-time job. She stated the Beads of Courage helps more than 60,000 children in eight countries record and tell their own stories using the colourful beads “as meaningful symbols of courage and hope along their treatment journey.”

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