Live History presents “In Time” at Fort Malden



By Ron Giofu


The Live History group brought their tour to Amherstburg over the weekend where the performance of “In Time” was held.

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The shows were presented in co-operation with Parks Canada at Fort Malden National Historic Site. Show designer Joshua Kitz called it “an interactive experience” that involves the guests that come out to watch the shows.

“When the guests arrived, they get to decide which character they follow,” he said, noting there were four characters in the “In Time” show.

Attendees got to be involved with the show and “depending on the choices of the audience, history can change,” said Kitz.

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The official description of the show was “Directly following the successful siege of Detroit, General Brock, his aide-de-camp Lt-Col Macdonell and you, his militia, have returned to Fort Amherstburg. The next great victory lies ahead, at Queenston, and morale is high. However, there are a few among you who are not as they appear. The War of 1812 created divided loyalties, and those who would do anything to see victory for their side. The local healer has family on all sides of the war, her loyalty in question as the conflict rises. The young Lt-Col is struggling to find his place in the world around him; a protege on a pedestal he’s not sure he belongs on. General Brock is already eager for his next battle; but will it be a success? It’s up to you, the local militia, to keep the camp safe and help the troops move out within the hour, before disaster strikes. Lives are at stake; history could be changed. Will you be ‘In Time’?”

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The show was created for Fort Malden as Live History tailors its performances to local venues. Kitz called it a “quest based” show.

“We always try to put (the audience) in the pivotal moment of history,” he said.

Kitz added they were excited to be in Amherstburg and believed it to be “an interesting experience.” It was the first time they had performed at an actual fort.

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