Less than 100 spots remain for Canada D’Eh Run in Amherstburg


Terry Fox will be part of the medal for the Canada D'Eh run, as seen in this photo of what the medal will look like. (Special to the RTT)

Terry Fox will be part of the medal for the Canada D’Eh run, as seen in this photo of what the medal will look like. (Special to the RTT)

By Ron Giofu


Canada Day is a time to celebrate the birth of this nation but it is also proving to be a good time to run a 5K as well.

The Canada D’Eh run returns to the downtown streets of Amherstburg that day with a 9 a.m. start time. The event is one of the runs under the umbrella of Running Flat, which was founded by local resident Chris Uszynski.

Uszynski stated that it is an event that is run on a historical course, including having the start/finish line in front of Fort Malden National Historic Site. It will have a “once-in-a-lifetime” medal featuring the likeness of Terry Fox.

Uszynski said using Fox came after a vote from runners asking what great Canadian they would like to have on the medal. After a long conversation with Fox’s brother Fred, permission was granted to have Terry Fox on the medal.

“We are really fortunate to be able to do this,” said Uszynski.

Running Flat runs drew over 17,000 people in 2013 and Uszynski believes they will surpass that this year. He said they are offering unique and fun events and people are coming from around this region and even around the world to participate. Uszysnki attributes the level of participation to having “high profile courses,” promoting themed events, awarding nice medals and giving great swag to participants.

“We are driving an event experience to people that wouldn’t ordinarily look at joining a 5K run,” said Uszynski.

In addition to runners from the Windsor-Essex County area, Uszynski said people from Chicago, Cincinnati, Brooklyn, Ottawa, Cambridge, London, throughout Michigan and even as far as Singapore have registered for the Canada D’Eh run. The run also features a Kids’ Dash through the grounds at Fort Malden.

Running Flat is growing to where their radio shows have over 2,000 weekly downloads and Uszynski said they are aiming to produce runs in Kitchener-Waterloo and Mexico.

The Canada D’Eh run has a limit of 700 participants with less than 100 spots remaining. For information, visit www.runningflat.com. Uszynski noted that people can also get information on September’s Run for Heroes Marathon there as well, as he wants to get numbers up for that event as well.

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