Late rally propells Bulldogs into playoff tourney


By Joel Charron

Duncan Scott approached the plate in the fifth inning in a tie ball game with a little extra motivation.

“Coach Federico told me if I didn’t get a hit, I’d be walking home,” joked Scott.

That would be more than enough incentive for the 17-year-old to snag his first hit of the season.

Scott connected for a two-run bloop single in the bottom of the fifth inning. Scott’s hit capped off a four-run game saving rally as the General Amherst Bulldogs stole the one-game elimination over the visiting St. Joseph Lasers last Thursday afternoon at the UCCU Complex.

“Duncan’s hit is the key hit of the year,” said manager Frank Federico. “I had a feeling he’d come through. I wanted to keep him loose as he went up to the plate, that’s why I was joking with him.”

The win propels Amherst into the WECSSAA playoff tournament, which begins this week.

The Lasers built a early 2-0 lead, scoring runs on the first two innings, while Amherst’s offense was dormant, recording only one hit in the first four inning while leaving seven runners on base.


Kyle Goodchild jumps for an over thrown ball as a St. Joseph’s baserunner slides safely into second base.

In the fifth, the Amherst bats jumped to life, with two outs in the inning, Kyle Goodchild and Brett Kapetanov each scored on St. Joe’s throwing errors which was followed by Scott’s two-run single.

Goodchild drove in a run in the sixth for a little insurance.

Scott said he walked up to the plate thinking it was time for him to produce.

“I thought it was a good time to get my first hit,” said Scott. “I got under the pitch a little bit but I hit it hard enough to get it over the shortstop and placed it in the gap in shallow centre field.”

Scott admits the team was starting to “get on each other” and began to think the season was coming to a close, however momentum swung direction in the fifth inning.

“The atmosphere just changed,” said Scott. “We just had to pull our heads out of our butts.”

Federico said his squad should never be counted out of a game.

“These guys just amaze me,” he said. “We won ugly, but that’s a good thing.”

Federico credited his pitching staff for keeping the game close and praised St. Joseph for playing well play. He added that a win like this teaches his players they have to stick together and work hard for every win.

“These boys grew as a team today,” said Federico. “We just have to get them to play as a team consistently.”

The Bulldogs head into the playoff tournament with an undefeated record, something they are hoping to keep throughout the tournament.

“We don’t want to be beaten at all this season,” stated Scott.

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