Largest crowd ever attends Vintage Bicycle Show



By Ron Giofu


Approximately seven years ago upon returning from a vintage bicycle show in Brantford, Mark and Cori McGuire were sitting on their back patio and decided to have one themselves.

The McGuires held their sixth annual Southern Ontario Vintage Bicycle Open House at their Concession 6 North home Sunday afternoon. Cori said they regularly attend a show in Brantford and brought the idea to Amherstburg.

“Mark said we could do this here,” recalled Cori.

Cori and Mark McGuire welcomed the public to their Concession 6 North home Aug. 26 for the Southern Ontario Vintage Bicycle Open House.

The McGuires are collectors of antique bicycles with other collectors coming to the property to display their bicycles and bicycle-related wares.

“It’s growing every year,” Mark said of the show.

Cori said they attended a “Pedals and Props” show in June at Windsor Airport where Mark was able to tie in the history of bicycles with the history of the airplane. Bicycles used during the two world wars were also discussed with Cori noting that people had to have a permit to have a bicycle during World War II due to metal being precious during the conflict.

Mark will also be at Fort Malden National Historic Site next month for a display during a re-enactment weekend in September.

“We do it for fun,” Mark said of the show. “There ares no rules but you have to have fun.”

Isaac and Joshua Frias of Kingsville take a look at some of the bicycles on display at the Southern Ontario Vintage Bicycle Open House Aug. 26.

Jody and Bonnie Varecy host Jamie and Ann McGregor’s show in Brantford. Jody said they try and return the support shown by the McGuire family.

“The McGuires are valued contributors to the Brantford show,” explained Jody. “We try to attend their show whenever we can.”

Jody added that “Jamie and Mark go back a long way” and that the couples are also long-time bicycle collectors.

“We come down to enjoy their hospitality the way they like to enjoy ours,” he said. “This is a first class event.”

Rick Frias and his family came from Kingsville. While noting he isn’t a bicycle collector, he said they wanted to show their support to their friends.

“Mark is a great guy,” he said. “They have an amazing passion. This (show) is remarkable. It really is.”

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