Lady Gens show heart in loss to Essex

By Joel Charron

The result may have been the same, however this time around the General Amherst Lady Gens looked as if they wanted to be on the ice.

For the second time in a week the Lady Gen failed to score a goal against a talented Essex Red Raider team, falling 3-0 Wednesday afternoon at the United Communities Credit Union Complex.

Although Amherst failed to find the back of the net for the second straight game, Lady Gens head coach Dan Pettypiece was pleased with what he saw from his girls.

“They were a much better team today,” said Pettypiece, referring to the 7-0 loss to Essex a week prior.

Essex scored a goal in each of the three periods with much of the action being kept in the

Miranda Turner snatches the puck out of the air with her glove to make a save.

Amherst zone.

The Lady Gens did however create scoring chance, twice being sent in on breakaway but could not convert their chance onto the scoreboard.

The Lady Gens stepped off the ice with a much better feeling than they did in Essex.

“We were shooting the puck a lot more and getting more chances,” said forward Kaylee Rose.

Having lost four straight to the Red Raiders, Rose said the girls played with a small chip on their shoulder.

“We’re just trying to get them back,” she said.

Although, Pettypiece believes his squad is improving, he feels they still lack confidence in themselves, which leads to panicking when making a play. He pointed out when the puck is in front of the net the girls will move it “north and south” instead of “east and west.”

“You pay the price when you do that,” he said. “If you throw it into a hornets nest, you’re going to get stung.”

Pettypiece noted that his team is very young and inexperienced, which is why they may panic at times.

“We as coaches can’t put too much emphasis on scoreboard results,” said Pettypiece. “Patience is what is going to help this team.”

He mentioned the way the girls played against Essex was a “win” for them.

“That was back to where you deserve to wear the Amherst uniform,” he said. “They played from start to finish and put the effort in.”




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