Lady Gens head for playoffs but coaches want improved play

Bailey Rigney handles a St. Joseph serve during action last  Tuesday at General Amherst.

Bailey Rigney handles a St. Joseph serve during action last Tuesday at General Amherst.

By Ron Giofu


The General Amherst Lady Gens senior girls volleyball team lost a match the coaches believe they should have won and the coaches were none too happy about giving it away.

The Lady Gens hosted the St. Joseph Lasers last Tuesday afternoon and played well in the first set, winning 25-19. The Lady Gens had a solid start in the second set but couldn’t hold it, as St. Joseph came back to win the set 27-25.

It was a similar pattern in the third set with St. Joseph taking a 25-23 win to take the match two sets to one.

General Amherst head coach Jeff Miller blamed last Tuesday’s loss on “mental weakness and an unwillingness to compete. It was a match where we should have won all three sets.”

Increasing their desire to be successful is something the players need to do, he believed.

“We made mental mistake after mental mistake,” said Miller.

“At this point of the year, we have to stop making mental errors,” added assistant coach Mary Ewer.

After winning the first set and taking an early lead in the second, Miller was unhappy they weren’t able to finish strongly enough.

“It was our game to close out,” he said. “We just made an abundance of dumb, mental mistakes.”

Miller stated they changed their rotations somewhat but was frustrated over having to repeat telling players where to position themselves after going through the rotation more than once. He indicated game experience should help make the Lady Gens stronger but wanted to see a higher compete level from the girls.

“Unless they put in a better effort, want to compete and show a willingness to win, we’re not going to go very far, that’s for sure,” he said. “Some kids have the willingness to compete. Some are OK to participate.”

“They better pick up their socks or it’s going to be an early season,” added Ewer.

Fortunes improved somewhat Thursday with a three-set win at Holy Names. The Lady Gens  25-15, 25-19 and 25-18.

“We played decent, still room for improvement, but we did a little better,” said Miller. “We played with a little more control and poise.”

Playoffs start this week.

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